Winter Brake

Alice is 17 years old. She lives with her brother and dad. Her mom left when she was young with a note that stated never come looking for me. Alice just moved into her grandparents house will she find some one to call hers or just a friend.


11. Truth or Dare

We got back home at 5:00pm Dani and Eleanor came inside with me. Eleanor walked over to Louis and hugged him. Dani went over to Liam and pecked him on the cheek. Zayn, Niall, and Louis all came and sat down in the living room with me. Zayn and Harry were sitting by me and Niall was straight across from me, Louis and Eleanor were sitting horizontally and same with Liam and Dani. We were sitting and talking when Louis shouted "LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!"

"Uhh okay?" We all replied in unison. Louis ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle and spun it. The tip landed on Liam. "Truth or dare?" Louis asked.


"I dare you too, ... eat a spoon of ketchup." Louis says. Liam's face looked disgusted by what he had to do. He walked into the kitchen and came out with a bottle of ketchup and a spoon. He pored the ketchup on the spoon plugged his nose and put the spoon in his mouth. His face turned red and starts to gag he finished the spoonful and ran to the kitchen to get something to drink. "That was disgusting!" Liam shouted. Liam spun the bottle and it landed on Louis. "Louis truth or dare?"

"Let's go with a dare"

"I dare you to eat a carrot with BBQ on it"

"NO LIAM YOU HORRIBLE MAN, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME DO IT!" Louis shouted in response. Everyone started laughing except for Louis and Eleanor, who was trying to make him see that it was going to be alright. Louis got up and went into the kitchen he dipped the carrot in the BBQ. He took a bite then quickly swallowed. Then munched happily on the plain carrot. Then before you knew it it landed on me. "Alice truth or dare love?" Harry asked.

I hated choosing dares. But it was so funny hearing what the dares were. "Dare"

"I dare you to... to"

"To sing a song!" Louis shouted. My face turned red singing in the shower or with a friend I've known for my whole life was ok but in front of people or groups it scared me. I've always had stage fright because when I was five I was doing a concert for kindergarten and I fell over off the stage and I broke my arm.

"What song?" I ask my voice was getting shaky and so was my body. I did that some people stuttered, sweat, repeated themselves and I shook. My hands were trembling. "Sing fire work"

"You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine just own the night like the forth of July." I sang until the song was over. I was slowly calming down. Everyone was staring at me. "Sorry was I that bad?"

"No...... that was amazing!" Louis says.

"Oh huh really? Thanks." I reply. After we were done playing truth or dare Dani and Eleanor had to leave. Harry made some food we ate and then we watched a movie. It was around 1:00 in the morning when I decided to go to bed. I put on some sweats and a t-shirt. I went into the bathroom and washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put my hair up in a bun.

I laid down into my bed when I heard a knock at the bedroom door. "Hello?" I ask

"Hey it's Zayn"

"Come in" I say as he opens the door.
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