Winter Brake

Alice is 17 years old. She lives with her brother and dad. Her mom left when she was young with a note that stated never come looking for me. Alice just moved into her grandparents house will she find some one to call hers or just a friend.


2. The Lads

I walked up to the lady at the desk "Hi I'm new here my names" I get cut off.

"Alice Scott" the lady at the office said handing me my schedule for the rest if the year.

"Thanks, have a good day" I said walking away. My first class was math the bell had just rang and I still didn't know where my classes were. I ran up the steps and with my luck ran into yet another person. He has big brown eyes, and brown hair. He was wearing a varsity jacket, tan pants, a white t-shirt, and black converse. "Hey I'm so sorry.... I thought everyone already went to their classes I guess I was wrong" I say looking up.

"No problem love, it must be somewhat my fault I should have been paying attention where I was going. And I found who I was looking for, you're Alice, right?"

"Ya that's me why?"

"I'm in you're first class Math in Mr.Russell's room."

"Oh ya haha I was trying to find the class."

"Follow me" he said as he turned.

"You're Zayn right you're on XFactor?"

"Ya that's right, let me have a look at your schedule" he said as I handed it to him. "Well what do you know we have all of our classes together"

"Really?" I ask huh at least I'll kind of know some one.

"Here we are" he says as he opens the door. "Sorry we were late Mr.Russell I did however find Alice" he said looking at me.

"Hello Alice I will be your math teacher for the rest of the school year" he says "Come over here" he introduces me to the class I can see that Niall also has this class Mr.Russell allows people to ask some questions. A guy named Roy raised his hand "Do you have a boyfriend"

"Roy, appropriate questions only" Mr. Russell says. I shake my head in response to Roy's question. Niall raised his hand. "Yes Niall" Mr. Russell said

"What's your favorite food?"

I smiled at the question "Pizza." Mr. Russell kept calling on people for questions and that lasted until the end if class. Next up I had wood shop, then history and LA, after that I had lunch.

Niall and Zayn asked me to sit with them and a few of their friends. I agreed and walked with them. We went to the lunch line and I got a salad, an apple, and a bottle of water. I followed Zayn and Niall over to there table. "Hey guys this is Alice. Alice this is Louis, Eleanor, Harry, Liam, and Dani."

"Hi" everyone said in unison.

"Hey" I say as I sit down. I was nervous I never really ever talked to anyone but my normal group at my old school. Before I knew it school was over so I walked out to my car and all five guys were leaning against my car. "Hello?" I say unsure what to think.

"Uh sorry I didn't mean to freak you out or anything." Says Zayn

"Ok, well than what do you want?" At this point I was just really confused.

"The boys and I were wondering if you wanted to get some pizza?" Zayn states.

"Uh sure" it was a little random but I mean hey at least I've met people that aren't totally crazy like at my last school. I never liked to talk about it. I mean there were killings almost every other year.

"We'll shall we?"Zayn asks and we all get into cars there was three Louis and Liam got into one, Niall and Harry the other, and I drove Zayn.
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