Winter Brake

Alice is 17 years old. She lives with her brother and dad. Her mom left when she was young with a note that stated never come looking for me. Alice just moved into her grandparents house will she find some one to call hers or just a friend.


5. Sleepover

Alice's P.O.V.

When the pizza came I grabbed a slice of each pizza setting them on my plate. I took a sip of coke and looked up everyone was staring at me, I blushed and looked away, looked back everyone was still staring at me. "Yes" I say trying not to be freaked out "Why is it you're staring at me"

"I need to give you something" Louis said

"Ok what is it?" I ask

" Close you're eyes" I closed my eyes to be honest I was a little shocked when I felt something being shoved into my mouth "Now open" I opened my eyes and there was a raw carrot.

"Thanks Lou it's what I've always wanted" He just smiles back as his response. We ate our food then everyone chipped in to pay off the bill. "Does anyone who doesn't have a car want a ride" I ask Zayn came up to me I knew that he would want to talk about earlier. No one seemed to need a ride so we left.

"So, uh, about earlier" I say but Zayn cuts me off.

"Ya, I'm really sorry about your mom, you deserve better than that." Zayn was just so sweet I really needed some one like that. I drove him home realizing that we were neighbors we laughed. "So I'll see you later then love."

"Uh ya see ya later, bye" he leaves the car and I get out too. I lock it and then turn around. James was there smiling at me. Ugh great I would never see the end of this. "So who was that" he asked

"That was Zayn from school we have all the same classes and are partners in science so... just leave it ok." I walked inside closing the door behind me. Dad wasn't home yet he must have been working late. I ran up to my room and finished all my homework. The next week sped by fast nothing really happened. It was vacation now for the next three weeks. I drove home dropping Zayn off walking into my house, I threw my backpack on the ground of my room and ran down stairs I saw a note from dad and James it read

'Alice I will miss while we are gone on our yearly camping trip I really wish that you would have came with us but its fine. Invite who you want over just don't have any parties! There is 600 pounds on a prepaid card for FOOD only. We"ll be back in three weeks.
Love Dad

Alice don't have to much fun without me.
Love James'

I had forgotten all about the camping trip. It was 3:30 p.m. I looked at my phone and had got a text from the boys 'Hey love just checking to see what you're doing over brake none of us are doing anything, text me if you want to hangout' The text was from Liam. I replied saying 'Im not doing anything at all you guys can come over anytime my dad and brother are gone for the brake on a camping trip, so ya lets all hangout' I texted in rely.

As I sent the text there was a knock at my door. I opened it and there stood five boys all staring at me and shouted " SLEEPOVER" and ran into my house. I laughed because of the everyone tumbled into my house as they were trying to run. Louis brought in beer and a bag full of carrots, Zayn brought a lot of hair gel, Niall brought food and ran straight for the kitchen, Liam handed me a bag that had pizza in it, and Harry brought all if the bags in then handed me flowers. "Hey Harry" I said as I hugged him "Thanks"

"No problem love just wanted to give you a house warming present." He replied as he walked through the door. All except one boy would share a room two could sleep in my dads room, two could sleep in James room, and then one or two in the guest room. Everyone found their ways into the kitchen where Niall had already started eating chips and pizza. "Haven fun there Niall" he looks at me and nods I started to laugh. "So how long are you guys staying for?"

Louis looked at me "FOREVER.... or at least until the end of brake"

"Cool so at least I won't be all alone here" I respond. The house was nice and all but it got kind if creepy when you were alone for to long.

Niall's P.O.V.

I ran to the house knocked on the door shouted SLEEPOVER got over it looked at Alice she did look like an angel, walked passed her and headed for the kitchen along with all the other guys. Her kitchen was huge it even had a window thing to look into the dinning room. I found a square plate, found some chips and then grabbed some pizza. I was so hungry and scared at the same time I didn't want her to kick us out. She can in the kitchen and her hair flowed perfectly behind her.

Alice's P.O.V.

"Four of you will have to double up and share a room and one of you can have your own room" I said aloud. Louis grabbed Harry in a bear hug and shouted " I call Hazza" Liam and Niall grouped and Zayn got a room to himself. "Ok so there is my brothers room down the hall over there the one right by the closet and bathroom, my dads room at the top of of the stairs first door to the right, and then the guest room upstairs at the end of the the hallway to the left if you go to the right you will go into my room" I say. Harry and Louis go for the downstairs bedroom, Niall and Liam pair up and go to my dads room and Zayn gets the guest room. They all went to there rooms to put away there things.
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