Winter Brake

Alice is 17 years old. She lives with her brother and dad. Her mom left when she was young with a note that stated never come looking for me. Alice just moved into her grandparents house will she find some one to call hers or just a friend.


7. Carnival

It was 3:00am when I woke up I was in the same position that I was in last night. I looked up and Zayn was still sleeping he looked so peaceful. His dark hair was messed up from sleeping I felt like I could lay there all day and stay here with him. He was warm against my cold body. I wrapped my arm around him and pulled myself closer. I fell back asleep. I woke up to Zayn running his fingers through my hair. I looked up at him seeing his big brown eyes. "Hey" I yawned.

"Good morning love" he relied. I moved so that I was almost eye level. He held me in his arms. "So I made some plans for us and the lads"

"What is it?" I asked

"We're going to a carnival" he said with excitement

"Ok, as long as there aren't any clowns that I have to go near." I say ever since I was little I had hated clowns they scared me I thought that they were from a different planet, ate children, and would steel me from my parents. Zayn chuckled "Don't worry I won't let them hurt you."

"It's not funny ok I've been scared of them for as long as I can remember" I say half smiling. "What time is it?"

"It's 9:30am" he relies. I hug him tighter

"I don't want to get up" I say and I buried my face in his chest. I shut my eyes closed. And I didn't want to move school had just ended for the rest of the month and I wanted to sleep longer. "Ok but don't expect me to save you from all the scary clowns from here" Zayn says in response to what I was doing.

I bounced up out of bed and ran into my closet I grabbed blue skinny jeans, a white see-through shirt, white tank-top, and gray UGGs. I ran to the shower took ten minutes in it dried my hair straightened it, put some hairspray on it, put some of my hair to the side with a small gray bow, put some mascara on, and some light pink lipgloss. I ran back into my bedroom but Zayn was gone I grabbed my purse, keys, wallet, and my gray sweater and headed downstairs.

The boys were waiting for me all ready to go. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle and walked back out. "Are you ready to leave?" I asked.

"YES" everyone shouted. We all went out to the car Harry was driving in one car Louis sat in the front and Zayn and I sat in the back. Liam and Niall went in another car we got to the carnival we got a bunch of tickets Liam and Niall grouped, Louis and Harry, and Zayn and I "Lets meet up at 5:00" I hear Liam say.

"How many tickets do we have" I asked.

"Between the both of us one hundred tickets" he says as we walk towards the haunted house. It was a black house, the side wooding falling apart, and we could here the sounds of screams coming from it.the front doors were swung open there were bats on the board that the house was on that were coming out of the chimney. "Oh, are we going in there, because if we do you're staying right by me the whole way." I said as we walked towards it.

"That's ok I'm absolutely fine with that." He says with a smile on his face. We handed the tenant four tickets and went inside. In the first room there were cobwebs and spiderwebs all over and fake black spiders all over the walls and on webs. A guy popped out of nowhere with a huge spider bit on him. I screamed. After I was done he said "Watch out for it he's going to get you too." I really didn't like it when people did that but at least you knew something really creepy was coming. There were two maybe four things I hated one clowns, two zombie clowns, three people trying to kill me, and four spiders. And knowing that there was probably going to be a big spider creeped me out.

We turned the corner at there you know is a huge spider with bodies covered in webs. I buried my face in Zayn's coat walking behind him. When we got out of that room there was yet wait for it zombie clowns... I wanted to get out of there so badly. You could see the blood flowing out of there mouths. The bodies on there victims laying in the ground around them. One almost touched me I screamed so loudly I hated this. I grabbed Zayn's arm and he knew I was scared and hurried to get out of of there. The last room was completely white except for the blood splatters on the walls. Then a lady says " Please I need blood, do you have any blood"

"Nope sorry I gave it all away just yesterday.... aww shoot remind me next time will ya" I say in reply I heard Zayn chuckle as we walked out.

"See now was that so bad?" He asks

"No, it was fun it was always my dream to be in the same room as a giant spider, zombie clowns, and the blood of their victims." I say in reply as he starts to chuckle. He put an arm around my waist as we started walking to a roller-coaster. It's red and had white rims. There are flashing lights all over it they are red and white lights. Zayn and I sat next to each other I was holding onto his arm. "I'm going to either laugh this whole ride or scream maybe both" I say looking into his big brown eyes.

He chuckles as the ride starts. We went up a hill slowly then once we reached the top we went fast down about five feet then a turn to the left went up and down, took a sharp turn I laughed and screamed at the same time. By the time the ride was over I had to put my hair up because of how messed up it was.
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