Never forget my love

Harry loves Jessica but he never thought he would marry her ...


1. One shot

He took my breath away the way his curls bounced up and down as he took a giagantic step, next to him I felt small but my heart was full of love.

Flash back .
"young lady can you come with me"I slowly turned my head to let my jaw fall it was Paul yes Paul. "Umm I guess I could I mean ummm don't rape me " I heard his light chuckle as he pulled me and my friend to the crowd of crazed fans. I was taken backstage and I thought it was dream but nope it sure wasn't. "Wait here ladies" his deep voice kept ringing in my head until the last song was on we wasted all our money not to even see the concert. As I was lost in my train of thoughts I was brought back to the real world by a curly mop of hair with the biggest smile ever looking my way.

babe why are you crying Harry asked looking sad "I Was just remembering how we met babe. He took my hand leading me to a room with a mic. "You know you never heard me sing live" he winked and sang Little thing as he took out a box and said "Marry me"

I took my hand to my mouth and the tears came out. "Did I do something wrong sorry forget it" I chuckled at his nerves "no babe you did not but I'm 6 years younger" I said as his face looked down "Jess age does not matter I love you and that is all" I jumped into his arms and looked into his eyes saying "this is the best valentines day".

I could feel the joy in his eyes "Jess tonight I'm going to make you mine it's going to get better"

I chuckled at his statement and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

He swiftly moved his hands Down to the hem of my shirt tucking on it I let him and rapidly covered my stomach. And looked down "Babe don't cover yourself your pretty".
" But I'm not like all the past models you have dated"
"Exactly I chose you because you are different you're pretty and nice your different you are my type my half babe never forget my love"

He looked into my eyes with such love as he slowly took my Hands off my stomach Kissing down to my belly button and pulling softly on my pants.

"that was the best nigth he said kissing my nose"
I laughed trying to stand up but failing badly

"I can't walk Harry help I'm going to dye" I said a tear now rolling down my cheek
Harry started laughing hysterically "Babe it happens it was your first
Time " he said I between laughs I looked at him and laughed along with him he really was the best and I was not going to forget his love.
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