Where I Belong fan-fic:The Wanted

This story is about Sophia Blackwood meeting The Wanted.... She has the biggest decesionof her life... Read the book to find out what happens....

Yellow_Peepz :D


3. Tell Me!!!

Caitlian: Fine! I entered you in this competition a few weeks ago!!! Aannnddd......

Sophia: And what???

Caitlian: To be a cheorographer for the U.K Music Awards on June the 26th and be in there next music video.

Sophia: Wait is this a joke? What is Ashton Kutcher gonna jump out of that bush or something!

Caitlian: No what makes you think i'll do anything like that!

Sophia: Prove it then?

Caitlian: Fine read this email from the people who ran the competition.

Sophia: Congratulations!!! Sophia you've won an all expences paid trip to cheorograph for the wanted and be in there new music video called Where I Belong!


I couldn't believe that I'm actually going to meet the wanted but I'm more excited to be travelling to another country other than flying over the ditch just to go to Australia I can't believe it I'm going to the U.K. I feel like the luckiest girl ever, actually Nareesha and Kesley should be the happiest woman alive to have Siva and Thomas has there boyfriends. Just can't wait unit one of them pop the question to Mary one of these beautiful woman. Any soo EXCITED I wonder if I can take anyone with me it'll be awesome if a can take Caitlain and my family with me, at least I'll have someone over there I know. Now It's the 24th June and I think I'll start packing my gears.



I'm sorry I took so long with Chapture I just wasn't sure what to do with this one but anyway I tried. Please let me know what you thought about it, please don't be afraid to suggest anything.


Thank for reading this chapture!!


Yellow_Peepz :D

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