Where I Belong fan-fic:The Wanted

This story is about Sophia Blackwood meeting The Wanted.... She has the biggest decesionof her life... Read the book to find out what happens....

Yellow_Peepz :D


2. Exciting New

Okay so it March 11th, my birthday...

I'm soo excited I'm finally 18 (I can drink yeah!!!). I cant wait to see Adryan, he should be here soon, Its been a whille since we've seen each other. *knock knock*

Sophia: OMG Its him!

John: Hello my sis, happy birthday!  *happy*

Sohpia: How did you get here? *suprised*

John: Well I managed to get time off work to come celebrate your birthday.

Sophia: It's nice to see you and I've really missed you. So have been to see Dad?

John: Yeah I did ac..... *interrupted*

*Knock knock knock*

Sophia: It's him this time..

John: who

Sophia opens the door

Adryan: Hey babe.. I got you something!

Sophia: Oh thank you! OMG it's beautiful..

Adryan: I'm glad you like it.

John: Whose this?

Adryan: I'm Adryan, Sophia's boyfriend!

Sophia: Come in babe...

Adryan: So what are we going to do, on this special day for a special person. Ms Blackwood what are we doing?

Kaylanah: Sophia the phone!!

Sophia: Coming.. Who is it?

Kaylanah: Your friend Caitlian

Caitlian: Hey Sophia.. Happy birthday can  you see me at the park, I have something to tell you!

Sophia: Okay then I'll see you there.. Wait what for? Why cant you tell me over the phone?

Caitlian: I want to tell you face to face... It's really important..

Sophia: Okay I'm on my way.

Caitlian: Bye see you soon!

Sophia: Bye Bye..

"MUM!!! Can you take me to the park? Pleeeasssse! I have to see Caitlain she said it's important. thanks love you i'll be waiting in the car."

Sophia: Mum!! come on..

Kaylanah: Wait.. I'm coming! Be paitent!!

"Mum runs out the door and jumps in the car"

Sophia: There she is! STOP!!!!

Kaylanah: OKAY!!!!

Sophia: Thanks Mum..

Kaylanah: Bye.. Be careful..

Sophia: Okay seeya later..

"I run up the Caitlain almost bowling her over"

Sophia: So what did you want to me..

Caitlain: Well it's important!

Sophia: What is it?


Okay I didnt know what to do to end this chapture soo you like can you help me out and leave comment so I can use them in chapture 3 thankz

Yellow_Peepz :D

P.S Sorry if this chapture isn't every good but i've tryed.


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