He's My Brother, Wait, WHAT?! *Completed*

Ava is a typical 16 year old. She is an only child. One day she came home and her mom told her dad isn't her real dad and her real dad is named Des Styles. She finds out her brother is Harry Styles. Will drama occur between them meeting the first time?


6. Trouble

Ava's POV-

When Louis said that he didn't tell mom and Dan about what had happened, I think that I will need to tell them that I fell into the pool. I really don't want Harry to get in trouble. "Ava!" I hear my parents yell. I see mom and Dan coming towards me. They hug me slightly. "What happened?" mom asked. I quickly answered before Harry. "I fell in the pool, by accident. You know how I am not a good swimmer." I say. "Mom, that is not true. She is trying to help me." he starts but I look at him. "I can't lie. We played Guitar Hero and she won. She was rubbing it in my face so, I playfully picked her up and threw her in the pool. I didn't know she didn't know how to swim. Once she didn't come up, we all dived in and grabbed her." Harry says never taking his eyes off of the ground. "I am sorry. I didn't mean for it too go this far." he says. Mom and Dan do not look happy. "Guys, Harry shouldn't of done what he did, but I know he regrets it, a lot. Please don't yell at him." I tell mom and Dan. "Lets take you back to your room and talk about it later." mom says.

We all walk back to my room. It took me awhile. Then, mom takes Harry out of the room to talk to him. I hope he doesn't get in huge trouble. "Can I talk to Niall alone?" I ask Dan and the other boys. They all nod and leave the room. "So..." I say to Niall. "How are you feeling?" he asks me. "Okay. I am just happy to have everyone here. I just wish dad was here." I say. "Yeah, who is going to stay with you tonight?" he asks. There is a spare bed and more room in my bed. "I want Harry to sleep on the spare bed and you next too me." I say and smile. "I can't sleep in your bed!" he says. "I will leave the hospital right now if you don't." I say as a lame, but useful threat. "Fine!" he says. "I will go get Harry." he says as he walks out of the room.

Niall's POV-

I walk out of the room and see Harry and Anne fighting and yelling. "Excuse me," I start "Ava says she wants you to sleep on the spare bed and for me to sleep with her." I say awkwardly because of them being so heated. "We will finish this conversation tonight. Come on boys, lets go tell Ava good night. Good night, Harold." she says walking to Ava's room. Everyone says goodnight. Then, Harry gets in the spare bed and I get next to Ava. I quietly kiss her so Harry can't hear. We clearly didn't do a good job because I can heard Harry say "Ugh. Go to sleep!" "Sorry for kissing my boyfriend good night!" Ava says and a smile and praise her. "Night beautiful. I hope you feel better." I say. "Thank you. Good night, baby." she says and we fall asleep in each others arms.

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