He's My Brother, Wait, WHAT?! *Completed*

Ava is a typical 16 year old. She is an only child. One day she came home and her mom told her dad isn't her real dad and her real dad is named Des Styles. She finds out her brother is Harry Styles. Will drama occur between them meeting the first time?


17. The Letter

Dear Nialler,

Hey baby. I am writing this as I am in the hospital. I have a lot of time on my hands. Well, I know this day will come. When you leave me. Hopefully not breaking up leaving, but like leaving with the boys for work. I think these words are extremely difficult to say to you, face to face. The other night, you just told me you loved me. I was actually in the coma. I think you saved me. When you said you loved me, I felt magical. I felt like I needed to stay alive to be with you. I literally pushed through the darkness to join the earth with you again. I think you are the most amazing person I've met. I feel open to talk with you about anything.

When I was angry with Harry for banning you guys dating me, you talked me through it calmly and you helped me forgive him. Or when I took you to the lake, and when we talked about my mom told me. Just last night, when you layed in the hospital bed with me, we whispered about everything under the moon. I felt safe in your arms. I hope I will always have your arms to lay in. I know you'll have mine.

You boys have been the most phenominal people in the world to me. You guys have helped me through rough situations. I need to ask all of you guys for one thing. Please don't leave me. I can't make it through life without every single one of you boys. I love all of you so much.

So, put on my fave pjs and think of me. I know I'm thinking of you too. I love you more than anything Nialler. Call or text anytime.

Love your baby, Ava


Sorry, it's short. I was running out of things to write about. More soon!

I would love any of your comments and feedback!



Love you all! Thanks for reading!!


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