He's My Brother, Wait, WHAT?! *Completed*

Ava is a typical 16 year old. She is an only child. One day she came home and her mom told her dad isn't her real dad and her real dad is named Des Styles. She finds out her brother is Harry Styles. Will drama occur between them meeting the first time?


10. Singing

Ava's POV-

Harry, mom, Dan, and I are in the car now. We are heading home for dinner. The other boys have gone to a hotel around here. There isn't enough room for everyone. "So Ava, you're dating Niall now?" mom asks. "Yeah." I say, feeling myself blush. "He's a good kid. You picked the right one." mom adds. "Yeah, I got to see them interact often, they seem perfect. He was crying his eyes out with me when we found out you were in a coma." Harry says. "You guys cried?" I ask him stunned. "Yeah, it was bad. We both love and care for you." he says. "Aww, you're gonna make me cry." I say leaning towards him for a hug. "Ava, it's a long time till we get home, so you might want to sleep." Dan says. "Can I sleep on your lap?" I ask Harry. "I guess." he answers. He kisses my head and rubs my back.

"Ava, we're home." Harry says gently waking me up. "How long did I sleep?" I ask him. "About an hour." he says helping me out of the car. He goes to walk towards the house, but I stop him by grabing his arm. "What?" he asks me. I go up to him and hug him. I feel him smile in my hair as he hugs back. "Come on, let's go inside it's cold." he says. I let go and he puts his arm around my shoulder. We walk inside and Dan tells us he is making burgers for dinner and it'll be ready in 30 minutes. "Let's go to my room." I say pulling Harry. We sit down on the bed. "Is that your guitar?" he asks pointing to my acoustic guitar. "Yeah." I say embarrassed. "Play for me." he says. "I'm not good." I say. He gets up and hands me the guitar. "Please?" he asks. "Fine."

I start the beginning to Home by Phillip Phillips.

"Hold on, to me as we go. As we roll down, this unfamiliar road. All though wave is stringing us along. Just know you're not alone, cause I'm gonna make this place your home. Settle down it'll all be clear. Don't pay no mind to the deomons they fill you with fear. The troubles, they might drag you down, you get lost you can always be found. Just know you're not alone, cause I'm gonna make this place your home." I sing and finish.

"Wow! Ava! I didn't know you can sing, let alone play guitar! You were amazing! Sing something else! Please?" he asks.


I start Too Close by Alex Clare.

"You know I'm not one to break promises. I don't want to hurt you, but I need to breathe. At the end of it all you're still my best friend, but there's something inside that I need to release. Which way is right, which way is wrong. How do I say that I need to move on? You know we headed seperate ways. And it feels like I am just too close to love you. There's nothing I can really say. I can't lie no more, I can't hide no more, got to be true to myself. And it feels like I am just  to close to love you, so I'll be on my way." I finish.

"Wow! You're amazing! That high note is unbelievable! I have a great idea!" he says.

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