He's My Brother, Wait, WHAT?! *Completed*

Ava is a typical 16 year old. She is an only child. One day she came home and her mom told her dad isn't her real dad and her real dad is named Des Styles. She finds out her brother is Harry Styles. Will drama occur between them meeting the first time?


11. Meeting Ed

Ava's POV-

Last night, Harry and I sang to and with each other. We had a lot of fun. Today, I am going to meet Ed. Harry told me that Ed knows a lot about me. He helped Harry when I was in the hospital. I need to thank him. "Ava! Ed's here!" Harry yells. I get up and get dressed. I get a sparkly silver v-neck sweater on, blue jeans, and hot pink flip-flops. I put on light make up and curl my hair and put it in a neat bun. You might think I look fancy, but I don't look fancy at all. I walk out of my room and I see Ed and Harry talking in the living room. "Morning guys!" I say walking towards them They both have tees, jeans, and sneakers on. "Hey sister! You look cute!" he says getting up to hug me. "Thanks!" I say laughing. "Ava, this is Ed, Ed this is Ava." Harry says. "Hey Ava!" he says standing up. "Hey Ed! I've been wanting to meet you!" I say hugging him. We all sit down, I sit inbetween Harry and Ed. I don't think it's awkward. "So Ava, I hear that you're dating Niall." Ed says. "Yeah." I say blushing. "He's a good man. You're lucky to have him." Ed says and I nod my head smiling. "And he's lucky to have her." Harry adds. I look at him and smile. "Thanks." I whisper. He puts his arm around me and pulls me into a hug. I hug him back. "Aww! You two are cute." Ed says poking us. "I love my sister." Harry says letting me rest my head on his lap as I put my bare feet where I sat on the couch. "I love my brother." I say looking up at Harry. We smile at each other. "I think I learned my lesson. I told you, before I threw you into the pool, that brothers torture their little sisters. I figured out that I was wrong. Siblings are a blessing. I totally regret what I did. I was wrong. I'm sorry." he says stroking my face. "I know, please stop apoligizing. I know you know you were wrong. I might throw you in the pool if you say sorry again." I say laughing and Ed and Harry start laughing too. We all talk some more.  "Harry, it's funny watching you talk from down here." I say laughing. "Well you have a double chin down there!" he says defensively. "I know." I say laughing. "No, you're beautiful. I was just kidding." he says. "Thank you." I say smiling.

Harry's POV-

For the rest of the morning, Ed, Ava, and I talk. A growl interupts my thoughts. "Ava, are you hungry?" I looking down at her still on my lap. "Maybe a little. It's 12 and I haven't ate anything." she says laughing. "Ed, do you want to go to lunch with us?" I ask Ed. "I'm sorry I can't, I have to go to the studio." he says.

We all get up and say our goodbyes. Ed then leaves. "Well, do you still want to go?" I ask her. "Of course! I'm starving!" she says. "Let's go then!" I say. We get into the car.

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