He's My Brother, Wait, WHAT?! *Completed*

Ava is a typical 16 year old. She is an only child. One day she came home and her mom told her dad isn't her real dad and her real dad is named Des Styles. She finds out her brother is Harry Styles. Will drama occur between them meeting the first time?


9. Home

Niall's POV-

I am so happy Ava is okay. She is smiling and talking to the boys. We all talk for a little longer, then the doctor comes in. Ava looks nervous. I grab her hand and mouth "it's okay" to her. "Ava, I'm glad to see you are awake. How are you feeling and how long have you been awake?" he asks her. "She has been awake for around an hour." Harry says. "And I am feeling fine. I haven't had a pain and I normally would by now." she says. "Well, let me just do a quick check, can you guys leave? Harry, you can stay if you want." the doctor says and the boys and I leave, but Harry stays.

When we get to the waiting room, we see Harry and Ava's mom and stepdad there. "Niall! How is Ava?" her mom asks as she runs up to me. "She was in coma, but now she is awake. They are doing another exam and Harry is in there with her. They should be done in a few minutes. She hasn't had pain since she awakened." I say to her, trying to calm her down. "Thank God. That is really good." she says and then, we all sit and wait in the waiting room.

Harry's POV-

"Well, let me just do a quick check, can you guys leave? Harry, you can stay if you want." the doctor says and I decide to stay. The boys leave and the doctor starts the exam. "Ava, I will check your stomach first." he says as he pulls up her hospital shirt, just enough to see her stomach. I noticed that she is really skinny. "I am just going to push on certain areas and tell me if there is any pains." he says and she nods her head. She just randomly starts laughing. "What?" I ask her. She looks at me and says "It tickles." I start and laugh at her. "Okay, stomach is good except one thing. You are really ticklish." he says laughing. "Okay let me take your blood pressure." he says. "Perfect." he says. "Lastly, breathe into this tube." he adds holding a tube towards her mouth. She looks over at me unsure. "Can I try doc?" I ask him, so she won't be scared anymore. "Sure." he says handing me the tube. I put it on my mouth and breathe into it. It lasted about 3 minutes. I take it out and look at Ava. "See? Easy as can be! Your turn." I say handing her the tube. "Your breathing is perfectly fine, Harry." he says. Ava takes the tube and puts it on her mouth. She quickly grabs my hand. I rub it, and keep telling her it's okay. 3 minutes later, she takes it off and hands it to the doctor. "It was fine, wasn't it?" I ask her. She smiles at me and nods her head. "Ava, great news. The machine is saying water is coming out of your breath. That is really good because that means that the water is coming out of your lungs. Let me check to see how much water is left." he says and Ava and I smile at each other. "What I am going to do is, listen to your heartbeat with my stethoscope and you are going to stand up and rock back and forth slowly, so I can hear the water." he says. I get up to help her stand up. We rock back and forth. "Okay Ava, there is barely any water in your lungs. After your parents fill out the rest of the paperwork, you can leave. Hopefully, I won't see you again. No offense." he says lauging. "None taken. Thank you." she says and I hand her, her clothes and I leave.

Once I am outside, I see mom and Dan there. "Harry! How is she?" mom asks. "Perfectly fine. She can come home after you fill out her paperwork." I say. "Great! I did already. I need to talk with you though. Son, I am sorry I got angry with you last night. I know how hard this has been on you and I can tell, you didn't mean to hurt her." she says and that makes me happy. "It's alright mom. I really do regret doing that to Ava." I say just as Ava walks out. They all run to hug her. Our family is perfect now. I really hope I didn't jinx that.

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