He's My Brother, Wait, WHAT?! *Completed*

Ava is a typical 16 year old. She is an only child. One day she came home and her mom told her dad isn't her real dad and her real dad is named Des Styles. She finds out her brother is Harry Styles. Will drama occur between them meeting the first time?


5. Guitar Hero Battle

Ava's POV-

I take the guitar from Louis and play against Harry. "How about Free Bird?" I ask him. "But, that is like ten minutes long!" he says practically whining. "We have nothing but time. It is Sunday, I go to school tomorrow." I say and give him a devilish smile. "Fine." he says and presses play. We start it off with the slow part and about five minutes later, it starts to get faster. "Are you ready for this, sis?" Harry asks me. "I was born ready." I say to him. Suddenly, the fast part comes and I haven't missed a note. A couple of minutes later, the song finishes. "I WON!" I scream to him. I get in his face and start to do a stupid dance while singing "I beat you! I'm a girl and I beat you. I beat you too the ground! You wish you were me now!". "Alright, Ava! That is enough! You beat him, but if you sing any longer, he will start crying." Niall says coming towards me. "Nice game, Ava." Harry says. "I am sorry that I was rude too you. I love you, bro." I say going to hug him. As he hugs me, he picks me up, again. "HARRY!" I yell. But this time, he doesn't stop. He runs to the door, and ran outside. He goes on the deck and stands at the edge of the pool. "Harry! Don't you dare!" I knew Harry could be mean, but I never thought this mean. "Harry, don't do that to Ava!" the boys scream running out. "She could get sick because it is freezing out!" Louis adds. We all laugh at what Louis was currently thinking at a time like this. I am over shoulder, and he could easily through me in the pool. "Listen, I love you. You are like the best sister ever, but I never got to tourture you when we were little. This is what brothers are for, right?" he asks me. "NO!" I yell in his ear. "OWW! That's it!" he yells. I don't know how to swim. I go to tell him, but he goes to pick me up. He throws me in the pool.

It feels freezing. I try my hardest to get to the surface. Once I do, I see the boys coming to my rescue. "HARRY! She doesn't know how to swim!" Niall yells. All of them start bickering, forgetting that I am still in the pool. "GUYS! I need help! I can't swim!" I yell going under occasionally. "AVA!" they all yell. They run and jump in the pool. I start to go under and I can't come up. All of a sudden my world goes black.

Harry's POV-

We all run into the pool. We all go to Ava. She has been under for at least a minute. We all go underwater and grab her and pull her up. We all get on the deck, as freezing and as can be. "She is not breathing!" I yell. Liam starts to do mouth to mouth. "Someone call 911!" I yell. "I will!" Zayn says running into the house. I take her hand to feel her pulse. It is slow. "Ava, I am so sorry I ever did that. I regret. Please, don't die on me. I need my sister. I just met you, and I love you. I really don't want to lose you. Please." I say holding her hand. I feel tears roll down my cheeks. I never meant for her to drown. Zayn comes back and says the police and ambulance are coming. He also brings towels, but I ignore it. After a couple minutes of Liam doing mouth to mouth, the police and ambulance arrive. We tell them everything that happened, even me throwing her in the pool. The police look angry with me and I don't blame them, I am angry with myself too. They put Ava in the ambulance. "Can I go in there too? She is my sister." I tell them. They nod and I climb into the ambulance. I hold her hand the whole way there. It feels so cold and lifeless.

Once we arrive at the hospital I climb out with them into the ER. I go with her as far as I can, until I am in a waiting room. "Just fill this paper work out as best as you can about Ava." the lady behind the desk says. "Ok, just please tell me when I can see her." I say and she nods.

I go to fill out the work and barely know any of this about Ava. I have only known her for a couple of days. I do the best I can and give the lady the paper work. The lads come not to after us. They all are changed and they give me a change of clothes. I go to change as fast as I can. Once I get bvack, we all silent.

Four Hours Later-

We eventually see a doctor coming. "Ava Styles?" he asks. All five of us stand up. "She is in critical condition. She has breathing tubes in, constant IVs, and hourly check ups. What happened is that the water got to her lungs. The problem right now is, we are having issues getting the water out of her lungs. She has random pains that hurts her chest because the water is moving in her lungs. It is a sharp pain that occurs until the water is out. She needs to move around and walk around. She will have pains as she walks around, but it is important." he says. "Can we see her?" I ask. "Yes, She is talking and smiling. Come on and follow me." he says. I smile at the thought of her smiling again. We walk in slowly and I see her smiling. "Guys! Come here, don't be afraid." she says smiling. I walk up to her and just stare at her. I see the tubes in her nose and the IVs in her wrists. I feel tears come to my eyes. "I am so sorry. I never meant for it to go this far." I say. "I know, it is okay. I never told you I didn't know how to scream." she says smiling. "Now give me a hug. I missed you." she says with her arms wide open. I lean down and gently hug her. "I love you. It was a mistake." I say to her in her ear. "Stop, I know. I love you too." she says.

She then says hello to the other boys and kisses Niall. "We need to get you walking!" Niall says to her and smiles at her. She looks scared.

Niall's POV-

I tell her we should help her walk. She looks scared. "What if it hurts me?" she asks me. "It will, but that is the only way to get the water out of your lungs." Harry says. "Harry and I will stand on the sides of you and the boys will behind ready to help you if you need it." I say. "Okay, but I think I will need a lot of help." she says trying to sound brave. Harry and I come to her and help her get up. We slowly help her get out of the room. Once we are in the hallway, she makes a yelping noise. We all stop with her and she holds her chest. "Does your chest hurt?" Harry asks her. She nods her head and she yelps again. "It really hurts." she says. "Lets keep walking, maybe it'll feel better in a second." I say as we start to walk again. "Do mom and Dan know?" she asks weakly. "Yeah, I called them. They are coming home, but I didn't tell them what happened." Louis says.

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