you again (one direction fan fiction)

after having her heart broken by her beloved boyfriend, Louis tomlinson, 5 years ago, Kat finally runs into him on the x factor...after running from her entire life 5 years ago. everything starts to happen again. will her Tyler, this hot guy on x factor be able to rebuild her heart after many heartbreaks after Louis? or will she be forever broken?


3. why hello tyler ;)


luois' pov   "hey baby."   I dont know how many times i have told Rose I hate it when she calls me baby.   "hey love." I bend down and peck her on the lips.   "You did amazing lou. Like oh. My. God amazing."   She smiles up at me with those amazing blue eyes she had. Kat's green ones are prettier. Wait, what? I can't be thinking that, especially with my girlfriend right here.   Shit pay attention Lou, Rose is talking.   "...and wanted to know if that sounded good to you?"   "what, could you repeat yourself babe. Zoned out."   "oh lou. Of course. I wanted to know if you wanted to go out to dinner with me after x factor tonight?"   "oh. Umm...I can't."   Why can't you lou?   "I can't because I already made plans with the boys to go out. Sorry babe. Hows tomorrow sounds?"   Louis, you have no plans.   I know, how shut up and go away.       Kat's pov   What the hell is he doing here? Why of all places did he have to do x factor the same time in life I did? Is God trying to punish me or something? send me a signal? Why? And who the hell is that fake little slut on his arm.   Woah there Kat. Why do you care so much? He's out of your life now, and keep it way.   Right. Oh, shit he saw me looking.   I quickly turn around and act as if I have a phone call, I take a quick peek, and he is looking at me with a curious face on his face.   Stop looking at me Louis Tomlinson! Leave me alone! I quickly turn around and start heading to the dressing room where I have to get dressed for my outfit.   And then, out of no where, I am pulled into a random room, by none other than the famous Louis Tomlinson himself.   Why. Can't. He. Leave. Me. Alone. Wait, I got it. pretend you don' remember him.   "Oh my God. Help! Help! I'm being attacked."   "I'm not even touching you, and stop yelling."   "who are you, and what do you want?"   good acting Kat. I slowly start backing up from him.   "who am I? Kat, It's me...lou. Lou tomlinson. you don't remember we dated almost 5 years ago...and you broke up with me at my 15th birthday party. Remember now?"   ", sorry. Doesn't ring a bell...Should I remember you?"   "Yes! Obviously!" Damn, he looked mad now.   "Forget it. Nevermind."   "Wait!, It's starting to come back now. I think i read a bunch of messges on your phone at your party which caused me to break up with you right? Because you were cheating on me with some skank right?"   "hey! whatch it! Rose is not a skank."   "oh, so that's Rose is it? I see."   "yes, it is. We,ve been together for about 4-"   "don't care how long you've been together, really i don't. Bye louis. I would say it was nice seeing you, but I won't because that would be a lie, and unlike someone i know, i don't lie."   I walk out of the closet and precede to my changing room.       Louis POV   "lou, who was that?"     Damn, she must have saw me with Kat.   "Love, remember that girl who broke up with about 5 years ago, Kat. That was her.  I was just trying to talk to her but she obviously doesn't want to talk, so that was it."   "ok.  Sounds good.  Wanna go hang."   "sure love."  I bend down and peck her on the lips before entwining our fingers together and walkin in the opposite direction as Kat.   what am i going to do now?  What's goinng to happen with Kat and I now. We both made it on x factor which means that we are going to see each other...that's going to be awkward.          kat's pov   Man, that tyler kid is hot.  Holy shit, he's looking over here.     I give a small wave and he smiles back and says something to his friends and starts walking over here.     Act cool Kat.  Act cool.     "Hey kat."   "Hi."   "I saw you singing up there. sounded great."   I giggle.  did i really just giggle?     "thanks. I saw you up there too, you sounded great too.  So whats up?"   "Well, actually I gotta go to whoever picks my music for my next preformance, but i was wondering if i could get your number?"   of course you can have my number tyler, your gorgeous! Kat, chill. i laugh inside.   "oh, yeah. sure. here's my phone go ahead and put it in."   i hand him my phone and he hands me his phone at the same time.   "You too."  He smiles at me.  Gosh, his smile is adorable.    "oh, yeah. Hang on"   For a minute we just stand there putting our number in each others phone before handing them back..     "thanks Kat.  I'll see you around."  he winks at me and smiles before walking off to his friends.  I see them pat him on the back and starting laughing.  He blushes.  He blushed!  I chuckle to myself before walking off into my dressing room.     I just got Tyler Casavants number. BOO YAA.     I feel my phone vibrate and unlock it to see a message from   Tyler is supe smexy: hey dollface.  It tyler. Like the name? lol   I respond with   Absoluty love it...not true. JUST KIDDING   So you think im smexy. ;)   what? noooo.  hahaha.   ok, i take that as a yes.  Btw, love the name you put in my phone. : Kitty kat. hahahah   what can i say? haha   correct. so i was wondeirng if you wanted to chill later with me and my buds...or just me and you?  Movie night maybe?  you can bring a friend and you my buds and i can hang.  whats up?   i'll ask my friend to come and that sounds great. where and what time?   how about my room in x factor (i got a pretty awome space) and 7?   sounds awesome, btw, my friend Lilly can come. sounds good?   sounds perfect.  See ya later love.  Excited. :)   same here. byeeee   I do a little dance in my changing room when my song picker walks in and i see him,and he gives me a funny look.    "oh, umm..."   he starts laughing.   "Don't worry about it.  Now let's pick you a song for your next preformance."     "yes sir!'  I salute in a joking manner and giggle, just thinking about what my plans are for later.  Perfect thing to keep my mind off my lose ex-boyfriend. Muhahaha
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