you again (one direction fan fiction)

after having her heart broken by her beloved boyfriend, Louis tomlinson, 5 years ago, Kat finally runs into him on the x factor...after running from her entire life 5 years ago. everything starts to happen again. will her Tyler, this hot guy on x factor be able to rebuild her heart after many heartbreaks after Louis? or will she be forever broken?


2. where it all begins


~5 years earlier~   Kat's pov   "Louis Tomlinson, if you don't give me back my phone now, so help me God!"  I glare at him, trying to get my phone back with my amazing mind powers.     "Wacha gonna do about it kitty....Kat?"     I hate that name.  I'm pretty sure my boyfriend almost peed his pants after the look I gave him.     "I won't give you your present!"  It's his 15th birthday and I got him the best present ever or at least the best present for someone like Lou.     He thinks about it for a second before handing my phone back.  That’s what I thought Mr. Tomlinson.  Humph.     "SO WHAT DID YOU GET ME?!"  Gosh, that boy was loud, and always has been.     "LOUIS, STOP YELLING!"  I hear Mrs. Tomlinson shout from the kitchen.     "OK MOMMMMM!"  Lou, shut up.  "So what did you get me babe?"  He wiggles his eyebrows at me.  He is also hopping up and down in excitement.  For payback, I decided to play a little trick on the birthday boy.  Louis, my friend, payback's a bitch.     "I GOT YOU A WALLET!!!"  I laugh, trying to not sound evil.     "A wallet?"  I could see the excitement leave every body part he owns.  He simply slumps to about his height.     "Hey Lou?"   "Eh?"   "I was kidding.  But I’m not telling.  You have to open it to find out. Muhahaha!  Oh and Louis, Paybacks a bitch."  I wink at his before walking into his kitchen.  I hear his go and jump into the pool with everyone else at his party.     "Need any help Mrs. Tomlinson?"   "No thank you, but thanks for the offer honey.  Go and hang with the kids."  She smiles very sincerely at me.  Gosh, what a nice mom.   "Ok, see ya around Mrs. T."   I grab my bag with my bathing suit in it and go to Lou's room to change.  I hear his phone go off.  Hmm...He won't mind, besides, who could it be anyways?  I pick up the phone and see 12 unread messages...and they are all from the same person...and this "some person" happens to be a girl.  I quickly scan the rest of the messages.  After reading something along the lines of shhhh...we won't tell my boyfriend.  ;), I came to the conclusion this was more than just some girl who was a friend.     I couldn't believe it; my boyfriend was cheating on me.      I grab my bag from his bed and storm out of the room but come to a sudden halt.  I don't want his mom suspecting anything, and then having me have to explain why I was behaving this way.   "Oh, well ya know Mrs. Tomlinson, your son, my boyfriend is cheating on me with some random girl for I don’t know how long and I want to leave now because I feel like I might throw up"   Just imagining that scene makes me almost vomit.  I slow down my pace, put a smile on, and quickly grab his present and head back to his room.  I open the top of the box and take out the bundle of carrots wrapped in a striped t-shirt.  I also take out a note a gave him, saying how much I love him and how much he means, or meant, to me.  I take the note, rip it down the middle and tape it to the front of his phone.  I grab a new piece of paper and write on it.     We are done.  Saw the messages by that random girl on your phone, or should I not say random.  DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN.  We are through Louis.  I'm not a toy.  You can't just play with me whenever you want and when you get bored play with a different one.     Goodbye,   Katherine     I put the present back and tell Mrs. Tomlinson I have to go early, I have family problems, she wishes me luck with whatever problems are going on and says goodbye.  I grab my bag and walk out the door. I walk the short distance to my home and quickly look into the drive way.     Good, my mother isn't here, she won't need to worry about what I'm about to do.     I walk up to my room and grab 2 backpacks.  I throw a bunch of cloths into one of them.  I then grab the other and throw in food that will last me a couple days, a knife from the garage, and sunscreen.  I go back upstairs and throw in my heavier sweatshirt.  I pack some toiletries and throw in my sneakers.  I head to the kitchen and leave a note.  \   Dear Mom   I'm leaving.  I’m not running away.  I'm moving on in my life.  I have plenty of stuff.  I will always love you and don’t worry, I'll be safe.  Please do not think that this is your fault, you had absolutely nothing to do with it.  Please don’t worry.    Love,   Kat <3   After throwing everything into my car, I turned 16 almost 10 months ago; I can tell I don't have enough.  I walk back inside and go to my room.  I basically grab the rest of my closet, which by now wasn’t that much, and throw it into another backpack.  I grab my cellphone charger, ear buds, most of my shoes; I throw them into a separate bag.  I grab my 2 pillows and 2 throw blankets.  I might sleep in my car a few says. Or longer.     Don't focus on that now Kat.  Do not.     I walk into the kitchen and head to the emergency drawer.  I open it and grab the credit card for emergencies only.  I also take the $3100 and put it in a safe spot in my main backpack.  I walk back out to my car after grabbing my key.  While doing all of my packing and everything, I felt my phone vibrate 8 times.  I will not look at it again until I am at least 80 miles out of Doncaster.     I walk out to my car after grabbing my keys and turn around outside my house.  I smile.     Goodbye Doncaster   Goodbye mom   And goodbye Louis Tomlinson   I hop into my car and drive to only God knows where, out of Doncaster into somewhere. 
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