you again (one direction fan fiction)

after having her heart broken by her beloved boyfriend, Louis tomlinson, 5 years ago, Kat finally runs into him on the x factor...after running from her entire life 5 years ago. everything starts to happen again. will her Tyler, this hot guy on x factor be able to rebuild her heart after many heartbreaks after Louis? or will she be forever broken?


4. what happened last night?


kat's pov   I knock on the door to Tyler's room and hear someone shout "coming!"   I look at Lilly, and damn, we look sexy. She rocking the black leather jacket with a sparkly silver tank underneath with some ripped skinnies and some vans. I've got on a green tank top with some skinnies and black toms. her hair is in a braid going down the side of her neck, mine in a casual messy bun.   Tyler opens the door and his jaw drops. That's the reaction i was looking for, while Lilly just blushes.   "o-you-please come in." he stammers.   "Thanks." i smile at him and walk into the place and see about 3 other guys looking at us.   "Tyler, Tyler's friends, I'd like you to meet Lilly." I point to her and she does a small wave.   "Hi" she squeaks.   "kat, this is Jake, tom, and Camren."   "hey guys." i give a wave and smile. Camren is defiantly Lilly's type. tan, muscular, dark brown, short hair, kinda fohawkish, and puppy dog eyes. Tom and Jake, aren't either one of our types...not at all. Good thing I've got Tyler.   "So, what movie you guys wanna watch." I hear Tyler asks me from somewhere behind us all.   "I don't really care, as long as it isn't too scary. Lilly, doesn't do scary."   She blushes and looks away.   "Thanks Kat, ya just had to tell them." She shoots me a look.   "hey, you can cuddle up to me if you get scared." that's the first time I've ever heard Camren speak before.   "oh. ok. Thanks." i see a small smile creep up onto her face and stop worrying.   i feel someones hand on my shoulder and turn around see the most amazing blue eyes I have seen.   "wanna help with the snacks?" he smiles at me and grabs my hand to go help get the popcorn and drinks. Gosh, his smile is adorable. And the way he's wearing those sweatpants and gray v-neck shirt is killing me. We get the snacks and head back to the living room. I walk in and see the love seat is the only spot let. Jake and tom are camped out on the floor while Lilly and Camren are already snuggled up together spread out on the other couch. I look at Tyler and he shrugs.   About 25 minutes into the movie, Tyler and I sitting next to one another, just sitting, look at each other and smile. We end up cuddling in the next 2 minutes quite comfy. He smells so good, and he is so warm.   "Kat. Kat. Wake up love."   I faintly hear this voice in my head and open my eyes slightly; and that's when everything hit me. I wasn't sure when but sometime during the movie i remember falling asleep on Tyler. with that memory i shoot up and hop off of Tyler with an embarrassed look on my face. I look around for lilly and see her eating with Camren laughing.   "Kat? You ok?"   "What? Oh, yeah. Fine. I, uh, just have to go. Lilly, come on!" I call into the other room and hear her start to question me.   "We'll talk later Lilly, just come on."   "Wait! Kat, whats wrong."   "uh, well. thanks for last night. It was fun. I'll talk to you later."   "kat, wait!" And with that i walk out of the apartment and hurry to the elevator with Lilly at my heels.   "Kat! what the fuck?! What was that about?"   "Lilly, I'll explain later. Please just listen for a minute. You'll understand everything later."   And with that, the elevator doors opened with the one person i didn't really want to see, especially at that moment: Louis Tomlinson.   "oh joy." i mumble under my breath. And there is his lovely girlfriend, Rose.   "oh. Why hello there Louis...and Rose. How are you this morning?"   "erm...good?" Louis looks at me with a really confused and i smile at him. A sudden plan comes into my head, and that's when i remember...i left my phone at Tyler's.       Louis pov   what was that about? Why is she being so friendly? I shrug it off and stand in an awkward silence with my girlfriend on her phone. Why is she on her phone so much anyways. Whatever. I'm taking my girlfriend out to breakfast and then have to come back and rehears for our next performance.   Why can't i stop looking at Kat? She looks worried about something, but it's not like i care or anything.   Oh, god Lou, just admit it.   you have not gotten over Kat, and won't. You only hurt yourself more and more just pretending that it doesn't exhist.   No. i don't. I'm with Rose now and i'm happy with her. I...I love rose.   Do i?       Kat's pov   I look back at Louis and he's staring right at me.   What is his problem? I get out on my floor with Lilly and hear Lilly say goodbye.   "Lilly, don't talk to Dirtbags."   Yes, I'm still mad that Louis cheated on me 5 years ago, but hey who wouldn't be?   Lilly walks the opposite way to her room and I walk to mine. I have to figure out some way to get my phone back. eh, what the hell might as well just go back.   Maybe he won't ask what happened... but he probably will.
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