you again (one direction fan fiction)

after having her heart broken by her beloved boyfriend, Louis tomlinson, 5 years ago, Kat finally runs into him on the x factor...after running from her entire life 5 years ago. everything starts to happen again. will her Tyler, this hot guy on x factor be able to rebuild her heart after many heartbreaks after Louis? or will she be forever broken?


5. i need my phone...


kat's pov   after showering and getting dresses, I slip on some black wedges and head back to Tyler's to get my phone back. I slip into the elevator, and of course, who do I run into.     Mr. Louis Tomlinson himself.   Why am I always running into him every where now!? jeez.   "oh. my. god. Louis! why do we keep running into each other!? Truth be told, I don't wanna see you!! I succeeded in getting you out of my life for years, but suddenly, you just start popping up everywhere. Why!?".   I stare at him for a moment waiting for him to respond and he doesn't.   "fine. whatever. bye".   I get out of the elevator and start walking towards Tyler's room. I walk up to the door and knock.   "come in" I hear Tyler yell from somewhere in the house. I open the door and walk in and then I see Tyler walk out from the bathroom in only his boxer briefs. I can't move my eyes from his body. I hear a cough and look up to Tyler looking at me smiling.   "oh, erm, i-"   "Kat, chill. Now ya wanna explain to me why you ran out this morning?" he looks at me so confused.   I don't know if i'm ready to tell him...tell him about what happened last night. Wait, did anything happen last night? i don't even know and i still ran out! what is wrong with me. ugh.   i look him straight in the eye and say "erm , tyler, did anything happen last night?" and quickly look away cause i started to blush.   "Kat, is that why you left? because you thought something happened? Oh, my, god. No nothing happened. Nothing at all."   I look up completey suprised.   "oh, really. I just thought because we both woke up together under a blanket, and i don't know why i thought that. wow, how embarrasing."   He starts cracking up and the next thing i know, i feel strong arms around me, and then realize tyler is hugging me. I hug back and sigh.   "what was that for?"   "Oh, nothing really. Just relief i guess."   I look up at him and into those gorgeous beautiful blue eyes and smile.   "i like your smile, you should smile more often."   "i smile plenty."   "not enough in my opinion. and a girl as beautiful as you should smile a whole lot,"   I look down and blush. we pull away from the hug at the same time and just look at each other.   "so Kat, text me 'k?"   "oh yeah, defentily."   "bye kitty kat." He smiles and leans in and kisses me on the nose.   "bye tyler" i whisper.   I turn around and walk out from his room and into the hallway and do a little hop for joy. By the end of this x-factor stuff, i am going to be dating Tyler Casavant. I smile and start walking towards the elevator.       Louis' pov   "hey rose. We need to talk."   "sure babe. About what?" She looks up at me with those amazing green eyes that are filled with such innocence. I can't believe I'm about to break this girl's heart.   You should be a pro at it by now, you've done it before.   I mentally facepalm myself for thinking that about me and look Rose in the eye.   "Rose, i'm breaking up with you."   "Ok."   "What?!" Is that it? No screaming, hitting, or crying. does she even care? wow, that was unexpected.   "I said ok. I'm not going to make you be in a relationship with me if your not happy. I still love you, so I still care about you, and if your unhappy, then I want you to do what is going to make you happy. Understand?"   "oh, alrighty then." I smile at her and bend down and give her one more quick peck on the forehead.   that was easier than i thought it was going to be.   Now, all i have to do is figure out a way to have Kat realize i still love her and that she still loves me.   But how?       ~after Kat's performance ~   louis' pov   I run up to Kat and look right at her. why haven't I ever noticed how beautiful her eyes are. they are even more pretty that roses green eyes. oh, wait. I did, but then I cheated on her about 5 years ago and ruined that.   "hey Kat. that was amazing. you did really good. so I was wondering if we could catch up sometime? I kinda have stuff to say".   I look down and slowly look up and the look on her face is pure shock and confusion.       kat's pov   I look at him with pure confusion and shock my face. what part of I don't wanna see him doesn't he understand.   "Louis, what part of what I said today in the elevator didn't you understand. I don't wanna see you, ever. besides I'm busy already.".   I look at my phone smile. I have a text from Tyler.   t- hey cutie wanna get some lunch with me today then go for a walk or something after?   k-i would love to. what time and where?   t- how about I pick you up at your dorm at 12:30 and it'll be a surprise? ;P   k- fineeeee. ill see you at 12:30.   I hear a cough and look up and the haply look from my face drains away.   "yeah, erm, I have to go Lou. bye."   I turn around and giggle as I'm walking away and hear Louis go. "huh?".     I run to the elevator and head up to my room.       Louis' pov   she's going to date someone else. I dated this girl for a long time. I know the looks she has, and the look, along with the giggle Gave it all away.   I had my chance, and I screwed up.   I look back at the elevator and start formulating a plan.   I'm going to get my Kat back, I know it.
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