you again (one direction fan fiction)

after having her heart broken by her beloved boyfriend, Louis tomlinson, 5 years ago, Kat finally runs into him on the x factor...after running from her entire life 5 years ago. everything starts to happen again. will her Tyler, this hot guy on x factor be able to rebuild her heart after many heartbreaks after Louis? or will she be forever broken?


1. prologue


Louis' pov   "Wow, she's amazing."  Harry says.  Wow, harry, no really.     "What did they say her name was again?"  I don't remember.  I had to practice for our next performance.  Oh, my god.  I can't believe that we made it this far on X-factor.  It was crazy really.  Five random boys were thrown together into a group and just told to preform together, and the thing is, we are pretty damn good.       "I think I heard it was Katherine Hogan.  Yeah, that's it."  Harry finally answers me in his slow accent.    Wait, did he just day Katherine Hogan. No!  It can't be...She's back, my Kat, the girl who broke my heart 5 years ago at my party.
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