Why Not Before ?

Hi My name is Callista, I know a weird name but who cares? You know who ? Niall James Horran that's who. and you know what else? I hate him.


16. Understanding

*Darcy's POV*

              Hehehe That went well. I budged the door a little bit. it creaked loudly God Dang. I crept it open a more so i can slide in. There she was. My beautiful Sister. Her chest fell and rose with every breath. I can see why Niall loved her. But what confuses me is why would he tortured her so bad to make her cry and yell? I don't know... but it hurts me. He didn't know her life. He didn't know her story. All he knew is that she was weak... Cally stirred around. I better go out before she finds out that I was staring at her. I backed out slowely and closed the door gingerly. I turned around. What am I? I am a girl, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. But what part do i have in my place? I tip toed to the back of the house where the door is to the back yard. Wow its a beautiful day. The wind blowing against my pale skin. The snow prickling against my cheek. It is truley beautiful. My eyes were closed, in peace..... hm? I heard footsteps on the cold floor. I can smell his cologne. Niall.

"Hey, Love. What are you doing here all alone?" I really don't know?

" Niall?" I felt him nod when i turned around to face him. " You didn't like Cally before.. right?" He looked down.

"No.. I never hated her..." WHAT? Oh god why. .why but WHY? Niall you stupid ARSE. FUCK I.. I ... My anger had no words. My jaw clenched. Niall knew i was mad also. " Darcy, i can explain okay?" My nostrils flared as i shot a glare. My hand motionhed to the house.

"Explain that Niall... Explain that..." I started. " Do you know? Do you know her Niall? I am asking do you? D o you know me? What we have been through in our whole life. and..and once she hit high school Do you know how much worse that became for her... FOR ME? her school life was amazing and that was the place for her to be happy. And you came and ruined it. It hurt me so bad it was like being stabbed in the neck. My sister had to suffer from you and him. Our own dad. He beat us he raped her he killed us. Oh and DONT FORGET! You came prancing along THINKING YOU CAN MESS HER UP IN THE MIND SAYING OHH CALLY DARLING I LOVER YOU SOOO MUCH AND I DIDNT MEAN TO BEAT YOU SENSLESS AT SCHOOL AND STEAL ALL YO FRIENDS!!!" I stopped. Out of breath. And he was speechless. His expression was easy to read Guilt, anger, and.... blank. " I may be only 6 Niall, but i know well enough you might not be right for her." I crossed my arms for him to say something.

"Darcy.. I know i messed up. And i will never.. never forgive myself for that. And Darcy. You may never like me or forgive me.. but I love Cally. She is my one and only. You have to understand" He spoke slowly.

" I understand Niall. But it might take a long.. long time." I walked off. Into the house. 

*Cally's POV*

                    My sister is strong. While she was yelling ha.. I was there watching. And Niall.. he loved me. I never thought he would and all he said when he hated me i felt that hate too. So i hated him. But im not sure now. Maybe it is because i feel that love too now? But that love was pulling me toward him. And he is righ. Darcy has to understand...Because I love him

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