Why Not Before ?

Hi My name is Callista, I know a weird name but who cares? You know who ? Niall James Horran that's who. and you know what else? I hate him.


17. Perfect

*Callys' POV*

       Darcy came in the house. She had a accomplished and triumph expression on her face. I patted her back and went into Harrys' room. A heard a low scream and giggles. I smiled and brushed strands of hair from my face. I looked back out the door and Niall was still standing there with a blank expression. I pick up my courage and go out side with him. 

"So..." I started. " You love me..." I asked in a whisper. Niall turned to me. Realizing i listened to the conversation. A smile grew on his face like a sprout in the sun. My lips came to his ear. 

"Well, I love you too.." I drew back slowly. When Niall cupped my face gingerly and gently brought me to his lips. We were inches away and i can smell his sweet scent filling my lungs. I stood there frozen and i don't know how i was this brave. 

"Are you going to stand there and look at me or kiss me." I huffed. Wow I sounded like  desperate hooker. Niall smashed his lips against mine. I guess the desperate hooker thing worked. I smiled into the kiss and I could feel him smiling too

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