Why Not Before ?

Hi My name is Callista, I know a weird name but who cares? You know who ? Niall James Horran that's who. and you know what else? I hate him.


6. Panther

*Cally's POV*

           He pushed away to that 5 second kiss. I never kissed back. Why? why did he have to kiss me ? I thought he hated me? He called me bad names for months. Him still standing there waiting for a response just killed me. Doesn't he know that he frightens me ever since freshman year? He can't think that i will kiss him back and forgive him for all that he has done. Oh gosh i didn't know what to do. I looked him in the eye not knowing what just happened and walked away. What was i supposed to do? I ran to the place that every one called home and knocked on the door. .... Out came my mom furious than ever. Before she could yell i hugged her. After that ,so she wouldn't abuse me, I swept and mopped the floors dusted anything that was in front of me did the dishes ,Vacumed the carpet every single where on the floor, and cleaned the bathrooms and my room. In 3 hours I finished. I went in my room and started homework. I heard the door creep open and in the doorway stood my mom shocked. She looked around the House showing me i did a great job. But i knew sooner or later she would start yelling at me tomorrow.

"I have a suprise for you " My mom said quietly. I perked up and smiled excitely. I hope it was a CD or an Ipod!

"Your dad is coming in 30 minutes from work !! and if you be good we can all have pie for dinner!" She said so so happy. My smile vanished. The only thing i was happy for is pie. My dad abused me twice as my mom. This is going to be a longgg night.

In the morning- I cried and cried holding my legs to my chest. I got beat more than i ever did in a month. I had bruises on my stomach a cut lip and a cut eyebrow with some more bruises on my legs, arms, and back. I never went to sleep. I look at the clock. The glowing led read 6:30. I was going to be late. I quickly washed my face put my hair down naturally and did some of my make up and brushed my teeth. I put on some black leggings and a white sweatshirt. I looked on my phone and read 7:03. I gasped on how late i was and dashed out the door with my stomach rumbling. As i got there, there were barely any students and that's when i noticed my phone was 30 minutes early. UGHHHH fuck my life. I sat on a bench and sat there lonely like other days. A tanned guy with black eyes and brown hair walked up to me. I got really scared because he smirked like Niall had always done when he harassed me. I ran through lockers and classrooms and hallways Ugh dead end. I felt a hot breath on my neck. 

" My name is Josh but they called me the panther" he whispered, I turned around to face him. he wasn't what you call attractive. I threw my famous move and spit in his face. He ducked so it had missed. He smirked. He forcefully grabbed my wrist above my head while he slammed me on the wall. I was trapped. 

"You know you are kind of idiotic to do this" I warned. Even though I COULDN'T do anything about this. I froze as i saw a figure past his shoulder. Niall. He stood there looking at me not doing anything not even helping me. Even though he loved me. The "panther" grabbed my face.

"How DARE you to call me idiotic!" I saw his hand raise and transformed  it to a fist I closed my eyes waiting and felt a ton of bricks hit my eye. I fell to the ground feeling dizzy, every where i looked, looked hazy. All i saw was harry running down the hall with an ice pack and Niall's fist raising to the Panther while he was on top of him. I blacked out before anything else happened. 

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