Why Not Before ?

Hi My name is Callista, I know a weird name but who cares? You know who ? Niall James Horran that's who. and you know what else? I hate him.


3. My Hell Hole

I stood there at the door, sighed, and walked in "I AM HOME MOTHER!" I yelled 'T

"DON'T FUCKING YELL BITCH" my mom YELLED back. Wow being called a bitch wasn't new.

"Well you well at me all the time and don't cuss because we have a 6 year old in the house!" I answered. I heard my mom swear and walk up to me. She lifted up her hand. I knew what was coming and I asked for it. She slapped her hand across my face 7 times. Of course i couldn't take it anymore and fell down cringing in pain. Then as i wasn't prepared she kicked my stomach and knocked all the air out of me.

"DARCY BE STRONG! I'M GOING OUT" I yelled to my beautiful 6 year old sister. Before i ran out I looked at her small face with tears of fear coming out of her Green eyes and smiled and waved goodbye. I ran out to a park and went to the bathroom and in the stall no one goes into i had a bag full of stuff to survive on. But the bag was as small as a teddy bear. I walked around a couple times thinking to myself. What did I do to cause such hatred from my family and Niall? Niall took my friends away from me and left me with none. What am i going to do with my life with all this Hatred? As i was walking I heard voices and they sounded unpleasent to me. With it snowing it's very hard to not make a noise. I don't know why but my eyes uncontrollably start crying. I hope they don't here me.


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