Why Not Before ?

Hi My name is Callista, I know a weird name but who cares? You know who ? Niall James Horran that's who. and you know what else? I hate him.


23. Love is the Sweetest and Slowest Form of Suicide


"Niall what's this?" My voice was smaller than I wanted it to be.

"Cally... I love you more than anything and since i never asked you properly I guess this is the right time to do it...Cally." Niall started. "Will you be my girlfriend?..." Niall asked with the velvet box still closed. I was teary eyed, no one ever asked me to be their girlfriend this way. This way. I was speechless. Instead of words I jumped into his arms causing him to drop the box. I cried and slammed my lips onto his. I know this is too overreacting but I can't help it. 

"I guess thats a yes then yea?" Niall laughed and I nodded. I looked at the box as he opened it. It was a necklace.  A silver necklace with a heart at the end. Niall handed to me, I smiled at him and looked down again.

"You like it?" Niall's voice was shaky.

"Like it? I love it, it's so beautiful Niall." He kissed my temple obviously happy with my reaction.

"Open it." Niall whispered in my ear. I noticed the heart had hinges so that meant it was a locket. I opened it with ease and there in cursive said.

Love is the sweetest and the slowest form of suicide...


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