Why Not Before ?

Hi My name is Callista, I know a weird name but who cares? You know who ? Niall James Horran that's who. and you know what else? I hate him.


11. Harry's House

*Cally's POV*

             We were still driving, while Niall kept saying hungrily "FOOD" and Zayn kept checking himself out in the reveiw mirror, Liam was playing a Toy Story dress up game on his Ipod, Louis was eating carrots, and Harry sang to the radio A Team by Ed Sheeran. In 15 Minutes we were at a huge 2 story white house. My eyes widened at the sight. I heard the boys laugh behind me. Compared to his house, My house was a quarter of his house. We stepped outside the car and over to Harry's house. Harry opened the door, and welcomed me.

"Welcome to my casa" He said in a British accent. My eyes widened more, Like my eyes didn't have eyelids. 

"WOW This is amazing !!! What do your parents do?" I spinned around. This is more like a hotel than a house. On the ceiling by the stairs is a glass chandelier. And the floor is white sparkly tiles. The walls are painted white. Over to my left is couches surrounding a big flat screen T.V. And over to my right is the stairs. We all looked at each other thinking. What now? 

"Well" Harry started" Lets all go to my room yes?" He walked towards the stairs, signaling to follow. We all copied. I started to walk up the stairs when a soft hand grabbed my arm. I turn around and I see Niall. He looks eager and desperate. I look at Harry who is staring at us. Niall hold up a finger to say just a minute. Niall and I walk over to the couches. I sat down and Niall copied. He grabbed my hand. 

"So" he said softly" Um What happened... with you know" He glares at my wrist. I look down and back to his eyes. Those sparkly blue eyes. Tears start forming in the bottom of my eyes. 

"Well... Its kinda hard to say..." I say softly.

"It is okay I won't tell..." He states."or you don't have to tell me at all" Hmm well.. I don't want to pile all of it on him, but if he really wants to know...

"Okay fine..." I start " Well my father came back to our house a couple days ago and well. I kinda get hit sometimes.." He covers his mouth with his hand letting go of mine. " but yesterday night.. Um my father was drunk and he wanted something from my mum.. he didn't want to so he went up to my room to you know yeah.. I protested and begged and pleaded not to but he thew me across the bed and had ropes in his hands then i kinda... Blackened out. and then i woke up finding me ... butt naked only finding... by me.. a... a..." I stutter. I look down with tears fallling down my cheeks. " A condom" I sobb into his chest. " I . i . i . i .. What did i do to deserve thi.. this.." I sobb. I looked up to find him crying ,too.

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