Why Not Before ?

Hi My name is Callista, I know a weird name but who cares? You know who ? Niall James Horran that's who. and you know what else? I hate him.


9. Chapter 9


*Cally's POV*

             Okay okay. I will tell the truth. I like Niall. But also hate him. I don't know ? I like him because he is actually caring to his parents and friends but to every body else... he treats like shit. Also he has an amazing voice and him and his group are going on X-factor. I heard its a show that people audition to sing. Yeah. I am going to watch him on the telovision even though my mom doesn't let me watch T.V. I hear something down stairs from my room. Ughh my mom and dad fighting again. Then, A few steps upstairs and two knocks on my door. And when i mean knock i really mean my dad punching the door then kicking it open.

"HEY HONEY" He slurrs out. I guess he is just drunk. I look at him disgusted. When he talks alcohol seeps out of his mouth like a big giant fountain. "MMMMM" he begins "Well your MOTHER won't play with me and i guess..." He closes the door. 

"What? dad no i am 16 and a virgin please don't touch me. I promise i will do anything but that and i am your daughter and that would be gross and you probably don't have a condom and what if i get pregnant and i don't want an abortion or a child right now. especially with you oh no please..." I spoke very fast even with spit coming from my mouth. I really don't know what he was thinking but i dont know weither it is a joke or not. He came close to me and shushed me while brushing my hair.

"It is okay. You know i always have condoms. I promise i won't hurt you..." I had a very worried look on my face. I looked everywhere to escape. wait he promised he wouldn't hurt me when he hurt me twice as much as my mom? I now grew furious. "Well maybe i will hurt you just a little" He smirked. I ran past him to the door and felt something rough grasp my arm. I got pulled back and thrown on the bed. I cringed for a bit. and looked up to my dad with ropes in his hands. I struggled to get up from the bed. But my dad grabbed my hands and tied them up to the bed post then my legs. I started to cry and scream for my sister Darcy. But it didn't work. I saw my dads' smirk and i blacked out. Oh i wish Niall was here to save me from last time.

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