Red Solo Cups

You may think that these Solo cups are just like your ordinary everyday party cup. Right? Well your wrong, deathly wrong. These cups have the supernatural power that whatever is put in them turns into to a deadly poison, that kills slowly and painfully. No one knows why, or how, but they do, and they keep coming up in the stores. The question is, who will be the unlucky buyer?


3. Lies

She sat there, confused at this situation. Her mother was dead, her mind was confused and everyone around her was a lie. Everything of her was a lie. The lie she lived each day was a happy one, people knowing her and the place was a lovely sight. But she wasn't happy, Maggie wasn't even pleased with herself. 

She wanted to escape from this lie. She really did, but she couldn't. Not since her mother's death, she couldn't bring herself around the feeling that she needed to get out of this lie.

Maggie sighed, she needed to escape.

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