Valentines Day with Louis

It's Valentine's day and Louis wants to make it special for his Girlfriend Morgan. Louis and Morgan have been together for two years. Now, for Valentines Day Louis is going to give Morgan tons of surprises. But the best gift or surprise will change the rest of their lives.


1. Valentines Day with Louis

Today was Valentines Day. Morgan woke up in Louis's arms. He smiled down at her and kissed her forehead softly. He whispered I her ear,
"Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart." Morgan said in response,
"Happy Valentines day to you too Louis." He smiled and kissed her lips. They got up and walked down stairs to the kitchen. In the kitchen Morgan saw breakfast already made and set. She looked at Louis. Louis smiled cheekily and kissed her. Morgan said,
"Aw. Thank you Boo!" They both say down and ate. It was so good! As the day went on Louis gave Morgan more and more gifts and Surprises! It was now around 6 in the evening and Louis said to Morgan,
"Go get ready for Dinner." Morgan smiled at Louis and got ready. Morgan got ready and came down. Louis was stunned by how beautiful Morgan looked. He drove Morgan to an Italian Resteruant. That ordered. They talke and ate. And then Louis got up and took Morgan's hand. He held both her hands and got down on one knee. Morgan begain to cry, tears of joy! Louis asked Morgan to Marry him. Of course Morgan said yes and they lived happily ever after!
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