Out Of Darkness

Hi me name is Ashley Mota... Im 17. I live with my dad in Wolverhampton. Im origanally from Arizona. but my dad recently got a divorce. The thing is that my dad... abuses me. I love him but then i dont. Will I Ever Be Happy?


2. Who Are You???


 When I get To school i realized My best friend was by my locker. ALEXIS!!!!! i yell. ASHLEY!!! she yells back. She is the only person i can trust. So my cousin is coming back from his tour Alexis says. Cool when is he coming back? I asked. TODAY!! she screams. Her cousin The ONE AND ONLY ONE DIRECTION! Nobody new but me cause she thought everybody would think she is a liar. But me Nope! i believed her from the start. But anyways... Then you noticed somebody come up to you. Ashley Is That You!?! someone say, you knew the voice sounded familiar. You turned around. Im sorry but who are you? you asked politily. Its me Liam.. Liam Payne From Arizona.. I Was At the rage of running and crying but i just stood there.


 Liam stop! I cant stop lieing about our relationship, You cheated on my with Darcy now why dont you go be with her instead. i yelled at liam. Ashley Im sorry It was an accident, She kissed me and plus i was drunk! That doesnt matter Liam you cheated. WERE THROUGH! IM DONE LIAM I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART BUT WHAT DID YOU DO YOU JUST DECIDED TO CHEAT ON ME LEAVE NOW! AND DONT EVER COME BACK INTO MY LIFE!


I started to cry...Hard. Liam noticed and he gave me a hug. i pulled him away from my hug and ran into the gym room. i heard foot steps but i ignored them. i tried so hard to forget about him. I love him so much. But it doesnt matter because hes with Danielle. I said Aloud while crying. Ashley please im soo sorry. im not with Danielle i broke up with her. i love you and only you please forgive me! he started to cry. Liam i forgive you. Just promise not to hurt me again.i say. I PROMISE I WILL NEVER EVER HURT YOU I LOVE YOU ASHLEY MOTA!! He screams out loud. Oh how i missed him. he is so cute and handsome. i love him so much. i lost train of thought when i felt arms go around my waist. i giggled. Liam what are you doing? Loving You Forever. he said while giving you a kiss on the lips.

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