Out Of Darkness

Hi me name is Ashley Mota... Im 17. I live with my dad in Wolverhampton. Im origanally from Arizona. but my dad recently got a divorce. The thing is that my dad... abuses me. I love him but then i dont. Will I Ever Be Happy?


3. Tim To Tell Him....


 When I came home from school I couldnt stop smiling. Liam is mine again. I was thing about how  much I missed him.

Until I was interrupted by my dad.( His name is Steven Mota) I could tell he was drunk. He was having trouble trying to go up the stairs.So I decided to help him up the stairs.When he stoppped at the top. He slapped me. I DIDNT NEED YOUR HELP YOU STUPID SLUT! He yelled. I started to cry.I dropped to the ground. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I realized that he had been kicking me. He gave me one last kick and went to his room. I was so scared, I started to cry. I finally went to my room, i kept wondering what did I do to be in this position. Then I remebered that Liam doesnt know that my dad abuses me. The last time he met my parents was when they were still together. He thought that they would be together FOREVER. Well as you can tell he was wrong. I want to tell him but then i dont because he will get worried and i dont want that to happen. the only person that know is Alexis. Of course she is my best friend/sister i would tell her since were so close. i spent the rest of the night thinking about wether or not i should tell liam. Oh well i'll figure it out tommorow.



 *Beep Beep* I woke very quickly. i decided to wear a high low dess. It had lace on the top,gold belt on the waist, and the bottom was blue. i decided on some gold sandals. Afte i got my outfit, i did my morning routine and did my makeup. i then curled my hair, I put my outfit on and grabbed my phone and all my books and left my house without saying goodbye to my dad. When I was walking to school I saw Liam. I got scared and tried to run. But unfortunately I Failed... Ashley! Liam yelled. Oh Crap. i mumbled. I stopped running but continued to walk. I heard footsteep behind me so i walked faster. I felt his arms touch my waist. I screamed in pain.


She started to scream wheni grabbed her waist. I got worried. I'm sorry did i hurt you? i asked. No it's just that i fell down the stairs last night so my waist hurts. she replied. I can tell she was lieing. Ashley thats not true please tell me? i asked Fine But can we talk about this somewhere inprivate. I areed. I walked her to my house and went into my room. she sat on my bed and started to cry.Liam My dad abuses me... she said. i was shocked. She then took the top of her dress and showed me her bruises. I started to cry I Loved Her So much and i didnt want anything to happen to her. Liam Please stop crying I dont want you to cry for me please im going to go through this. i have a plan... she told me.

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