Out Of Darkness

Hi me name is Ashley Mota... Im 17. I live with my dad in Wolverhampton. Im origanally from Arizona. but my dad recently got a divorce. The thing is that my dad... abuses me. I love him but then i dont. Will I Ever Be Happy?


4. The plan



 I dont like It when liam cries. So I had told him I had a plan. LIam I have a plan' Do you know how my birthday is on saturday? He Nodded. Well you already know im turning 18 so im going to move out that day. I already told my dad once im 18 im moving out but i think he thought i was joking He chuckled. Yeah but im serious, If i leave i dont have anywhere to go. Come live with my then. He said Liam i dont want to interup- i was cut off by liam Look your not going to interuppt my career, I love you with all my heart, i want.. NO NEED to wake up with you by my side. Please Ashley. Fine Liam! i yelled. Im so happy right know i cant stop smiling. Can you drive me to school babe? Sure thing oh and by the way im going to stay with you at school ok? yeah thats fine with me.


Once I got out of liams car everybody kept on staring at me. Liam went to the bathroom and so i told him that i would be at my locker. While i was on my way. Somebody had pushed me to my lockers. I started to cry because of my bruises were aching in pain. I opened my eyes and i saw Darcy (the darcy that first broke me and liam up) I was mad. WHAT DO YOU WANT? I yelled Liam... was all she said TOO BAD YOU SLUT HES MINE! WELL THATS NOT WHAT HE SAID THE LAST TIME! she yell back.  THATS BECAUSE YOU DRUGGED HIM YOU LITTLE SKANK! I yelled I had saw that there was a crowd between me and darcy. Then everybody started to laugh because of what i had said to darcy. YOU STUPID ASS HOE WHY DONT YOU JUST LET ME HAVE LIAM? BECAUSE I HAD HIM FIRST. HES THE ONLY PERSON THAT UNDERSTANDS ME. I LOVE HIM. AND ONLY HIM HES THE ONLY PERSON I CAN REALLY TALK TO NOT LIKE YOUR SORRY ASS! I Yelled back. She was now mad. She tried to punch Me but I stopped her before her hand got to my face. I had slapped her and she fell to the ground. I Saw Liam He looked happy. I ran to him And he hugged me.




 I was so glad she had finally stood up for herself. When i had came back from the bathroom. I saw a huge crowd. I Ran to it i had seen Ashely and Darcy Argueing about... ME! I had heard what ashley said about me And i started to cry(tears of joy) She made me so happy. I quickly wipped My tears away so nobody can see me. I then saw them start to fight i was about to go over there but then i felt arms around my neck. i realized it was Ashley she was hugging me so i joyfully hugged her back.I then i gave her a kiss..

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