Out Of Darkness

Hi me name is Ashley Mota... Im 17. I live with my dad in Wolverhampton. Im origanally from Arizona. but my dad recently got a divorce. The thing is that my dad... abuses me. I love him but then i dont. Will I Ever Be Happy?


1. About Me.


 LEAVE ME ALONE! you yell as your dad tries to get into your room. Please Im Sorry I Didnt Mean To Hit You, your dad says.  THATS WHAT YOU ALWAYS SAY! you say as you were crying. He finally left. You laid on your bed thinking. You loved your dad so much but he had always abused you. You never new the reason. You looked at the clock 11:30pm. Oh Crap! I need to go to bed. So you finally went to bed.




Ughhh! you groan as you get out of bed to get ready for school. You go into the bathroom and put your hair in a messy bun. You brushed your teeth and washed your face. when you were done you went into your closet and figured what to wear. You decided on A black Knitted Sweater, some jeggings and some black combat boots. You did your hair and you decided to curl it. you did your make up but didnt put too much on. Just mascara,foundation and blush. When you were done you grabbed your stuff for school and left the house.

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