Every Girls Dream.

I will express my love for Harry Styles in this story (im not obsessed, so dont take that the wrong way)
But in this story i will have every girls Dream. :)


2. The first stage of Love.

I giggled. "Of course I want pancakes!... Race ya downstairs!" Harry winks at me in assurance that he will beat me.  I take off, full speed downstairs to the kitchen. I beat Harry there. "Well are you going to help me cook?" I asked as I giggle.  "Yes love." Harry says in a calm like voice.

As I pour the pancake batter onto the pan, Harry comes up behind me and grabs me by the waist.  I just smile. "You should probably flip the pancake now." He says to me sarcastically. I just laugh and flip the pancake. "I smell pancakes" Niall yells as he flies down the stairs. "Shocker" I whisper. "Come eat some with us!!" I say loudly! "BLUEBERIEEEEEES!" Screams Louis. " Looks like we need to make more pancakes!" I said as Harry stands behind me helping me flip pancakes. *phone starts ringing.* "I'll get it love" Harry says as I flip the last pancake. "It's your sister" He says with a friendly smile.

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