Every Girls Dream.

I will express my love for Harry Styles in this story (im not obsessed, so dont take that the wrong way)
But in this story i will have every girls Dream. :)


4. Problems kick in.

Well, I wake up to Harry calling me beautiful once more. I dont know wether or not to like it anymore. I ts almost too predictable. Wake up by Harry calling you beautiful, pancakes, theatre (even though last time it was Toy Story with Cadence), go for a walk at the park with Harry, come home and have lunch (usually my favorite, ham and cheese sandwich) with Harry, go swimming if its warm enough, go for a walk in the park with Harry, and then watch a late night movie as I fall asleep Into Harrys arms... then a goodnight kiss.

Maybe I just need to get over myself. Harry loves me, I hope, and I love him too.

"CADENCE! I NEED TO TALK TO YOUUUUUU, WHERE ARE YOU?!" I scream across the room as my eyes continue to fill with tears.

"Boo whats wrong?!" She asks confusingly.

"I-I-I dont know... me and Harry just got into an argument, and he left and I dont know where he went but I dont know what happened, I dont know what to do." I said destressed.

"Calm down, Callie. Tell me what happened."

"That girl Memphis kept calling him telling him to stop talking to me, because I told her to leave him alone, and harry said no. Memphis told me she would hit me with a chair, and Harry said, "What did you do to her Callie?! She never gets this mad!" but he didnt even listen to me explain. Cadence help me fix this please!! I dont like fighting with Harry, I love him so dearly, and I just want to be in his arms."

"i will call him and find out where he is. Everything will be ok. I will tell him to come home, and then you two can talk."

I run up to my room and start balling my eyes out again. I could'nt help it. I love Harry, I dont like fighting with him. Then, after about 30 minutes I hear the door open. I am terrified, but I am so happy he's home. I run dowstairs into his arms, I cry into his shoulders as he squeezes me tightly... in a good way. I am glad he hugged me back, I dont feel so hurt anymore. "I'm sorry babe." He said as he starts to cry. I kiss him to try and comfort him. I pull back "Me too. I love you so much, and I dont like to fight with you." He kisses me softly. "I love you more, Callie."

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