Every Girls Dream.

I will express my love for Harry Styles in this story (im not obsessed, so dont take that the wrong way)
But in this story i will have every girls Dream. :)


3. Growing feelings.

"Hello?" I answer the phone Happily. "Hello!!!" I hear a loud scream in the phone. "OH MY LORD!! Candence? I thought you'd never call!!" I screamed. "Well if you would turn around I could hug you." Candence was here the whole time, "Oh Callie how I missed you." She whispered in my ear. "I missed you too Cadence!"

I walk out of the game room to leave Cadence and Zayn by themselves to talk for a while. They haven't seen each other in a long time, so I thought I let them talk. I walk into the living room a plop on the couch next to Harry. 

"Wanna go for a walk?" Harry asks with a smile on his face.

"Hun, its raining."

"I know love, thats the point."

"Cadence, me and Harry are gonna go walk ok?" I ask. "Ok" Cadence replies.

Me and Harry walk for about 30 minutes in the rain... then Harry takes the umbrella from above our heads. He puts his hand on my cheek, and just stares into my eyes. My knees grow weak, and I feel passion in his touch. I hear the love in his voice as he tells me gently... "I love Callie Nichole Smith." I just stand there speechless. I loved him too, but when he gets so close to me and I feel overwhelmed with passion. "I love you too Harry Edward Styles." I whisper. Harry kisses my lips so gently, his soft lips make my knees tremble. He had on cherry chapstick, as always. I could taste it... He stops, "Dont tell me you love me if you dont" Harry says softly. I slowly pulled him back into my arms and I continue kissing his soft, pink, gentle lips. "You were my first kiss in the rain." He says with a smile on his face. "Mine too."


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