Every Girls Dream.

I will express my love for Harry Styles in this story (im not obsessed, so dont take that the wrong way)
But in this story i will have every girls Dream. :)


1. Already In Love.

I am awakened by the sound of 5 boisterous boys downstairs.  I quickly turn my head to look at the time; the clock reads 12:47. "Holy cow, i didnt know i had the capability to sleep in this late. "I whispered to myself." and I am quite shocked that Harry didnt wake me up this morning with blueberry pancakes as usual.  I hop out of my bed, walk downstairs, and I stop at the bottom of the stairs waiting anxiously for Harry to meet me at the bottom step. Usually with a good-morning kiss, a "Hello Beautiful!" , and a gorgeous bright white smile.  "Well thats unusual." I walk into the kitchen only to find Niall munching on some left-over chicken from Nandos.  "Where is Harry?" I ask with a kind of embarrasing grin on my face. "Dont you remember your big fight with him last night?" Niall asked awkwardly. "No, I dont remember anything... can you re-" Niall cut me off and told me to leave it alone because I had hurt Harrys feelings. I am still wondering where the boys are because I swear I heard them.

"Wake up beautiful!" Harry says hovering over my face as I slowly awaken.  He kisses me very gently and then looks me in the eyes, "Good-morning love"  He says, as I daze in his eyes, green as fresh cut grass in the summer. "Good-morning" I say slowly and kind of confused. "Whats wrong?" Asks Harry. "Uhhh, my dream.  It was weird... I...I mean, scary.  Well, Niall told me that me and you were    fi-" Harry cuts me off as he slowly kisses me once more with those baby soft, bright pink lips. "Pancakes?" He asks.

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