My Dear

Haylee, Sabrina, and Lexi were best friends since preschool, until a heavy fight in the 10th grade breaks their friendship up. Haylee then moves to Ireland with her aunt and cousin, trying to forget the girls. Lexi moves from the 3's big old Bradford, to Holmes Chapel where she thinks she can take a break. 4 years after the girls break up, each suddenly find themselves in a awkward situation where they may be forced to befriend each other once again- But what if they refuse?


3. Sabrina

 Well, well, well. I dont think I cant beat that previous chapter...Like...Oh meeee gawwwdddd, that was 1Dful! I have copied Marcy's idea of outfits, but I realized that you cannot copy and paste on Movellas, sooo...yeah. I have a idea. All you have to do to see the outfits for our chapters is:

1- manually type in the URL

2- Go onto, and find the profile: rainbowteddybears (Marcy and I). In the beggening of each chapter, we will tell you guys the URL, and on our Polyvore account, we will have a collection for each girl with a certin #, and in the beggening of each chapter, we will also post which # and which collection and # the oitfit is located in.

Sorry if the did not make much sense, I am not good at explaining much stuff.

  1 more minute.







5- "Sabriiinaaaa!" Emily calls. I yell out in frustration, "Em! Don't you see I'm busy?" Emily looks around the tent and whispers, "Doing WHAT exactly?" leaning in. I back away and grab my bag, stamping my card. "Waiting till my shift is over, which is... Riiiight... Now" I smile and sling my backpack over my shoulder, exiting the carnival raffle booth.    

   I had 2 shifts at the raffle booth daily for Bradford's annual 'Car-nay-val', which of course had to also be ran with the biggest barnacle on the planet. Emily. "Sabrina! Wait!" I turn around to see Emily running after me, yelling. "Whhhaaatttt?" I sigh. "Oh Rina, I need to ask a huuuge favor of you. Can you pleeeaaase take over my shift? Pretty please? I need this sooo bad!" Emily begs. "What did you say?" I lean forward. This would be another one of my many favors to Emily, but its not like I had other plans.  

  "I dont know, Em..." I sigh. "Oh pretty pretty  gorgeous  please with a cherry on top?" Emily begs. "Fine. But you owe me, Emily" I say as I narrow my eyes at her. Emily shrugs it off and skips away. 




After 2 and a half hours of Emily's shift, Erin, our Head of Committee guy came. "Sabrina, what are you doing here? It's Emily's shift" He picks up a plastic bag and tosses it into the trash. "Well, Erin, Emily was busy so I took it. But, it's been 2 1/2 hours, so I get to leave" I once again grab my bag and punch in Emily's card to sign her (me) out.   

  "That's very responsible of you. Anyways, if you see Emily tell her I need to talk to her. Also, I was wondering if you would like to go on some rides with me, maybe?" Erin grins with perfectly straight teeth.    

 Emily and Erin were step-cousins, which meant they were not blood related, and I knew that both of them used to have a thing for each other, that may still be here. Erin was 1 year older than me, and just got out of highschool. He was quiet attractive, hot even, but I knew the games he played on girls like me. "Erin, as much as I would love to have you puke up your lunch on me, I have a boyfriend. And you know that."   

 "Your right. But tell me, Sabrina, where is Prince Zayn right now?" He towers over me, looking down with hungry eyes. Eyes that go up and down my body, stopping at places that Im not comfortable with. I step away from Eric, leaning on the table. "If you really must know, he is preparing for a XFactor audition. I have to go help him change, Eric." I smile and walk away.    

  "Aw! Dont be like that, Sabrina!" he yells after me. I dont turn back though, I get the hell out of the carnival, half walking, half jogging. I make my way down my street where Zayn and I agreed we would meet. As I approached his grand house, I stopped. I stood infront of a house. It had light brown panels and was painted white. The paint on the mailbox was peeling, including the 3 little hand prints on it. My breath gets caught in my through, my mouth goes dry. I swore to myself to try and never look at this house again.  

  It was not Zayn's, it was Lexi's. I remember how Lexi, Haylee and I had painted our hands in different colors and then plastered it onto her mailbox. I remember it happened when we were young- 5. Me and Haylee were trying to cheer her up; Lexi's dad and mom had divorced that year. The memories of the girls flood back to me. I dont even remember how this came to be. How we were so close, but now, so far away. I knew I should not care about the 2 anymore, but some chapters of the past, I think, should be bookmarked for later.    

  I take a reluctant breath as I start my way to Zayns. I walk up his familiar walk-way and knock on the door. "Hello Safa" I smile at Zayn's youngest sister as she opens the door. "ZAAAAYYN! SARINA IS HERE!" Safa yells. I smile at how she pronounces my name, and then head inside. "Hey babe" Zayn wraps his arms around me from behind, and I giggle. "You all ready for that audition, Mr?" I poke his nose and Safa shakes her head, walking out of the room. "Yeah. I wish you could come though" He frowns. I kiss him on the lips and the frown turns into a grin. "Zayn, we are heading out the door" His mum and dad called from the door. "Anyway, I just wanted to wish you luck!" I help Zayn with the door as his sisters, mum, and dad all make their way to the car.    

 "Bye Sarinaaaa!" Safa calls from the back seat as the family pulls away. I wave to the family as the car drives off into the horizon, and I wish I could be there with them, wearing one of those 'Zayn has the XFactor' shirts.    


  "Mom, zayn is on TV!" I scream through the house. My mom runs up the stairs and plops onto my bed. Im glad she loves Zayn so much, or I would have nobody to talk to about stuff. My dad on the other hand did not have that same love for Zayn. I would talk to friends, and invite them over to watch, but truthfully- I had no more friends. Friends that cared, anyway. Sure- I have Brittany and Tiffany, the 2 blonde twins that followed me, and yeah, I had the whole collage wrapped around my finger, but what good is that?    


 After Zayn's audition, I dial his cell. "Hello?" He answers. "Ahhhhh!!!!" I scream into the phone.

   "Ah my ears!"   "Oh my gosh! You made it!"  "I made it!"  "Ahhh!"  "Ahhh!"  "Okay, from now on, I am your 1st #1 fan!"  "Awe, thanks babe. I love you."  "I love you too."
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