My Dear

Haylee, Sabrina, and Lexi were best friends since preschool, until a heavy fight in the 10th grade breaks their friendship up. Haylee then moves to Ireland with her aunt and cousin, trying to forget the girls. Lexi moves from the 3's big old Bradford, to Holmes Chapel where she thinks she can take a break. 4 years after the girls break up, each suddenly find themselves in a awkward situation where they may be forced to befriend each other once again- But what if they refuse?


2. Lexi

 Erm...Hey guys. Its my turn to write a chapter, and I think I have fallen in love with the character, Lexi, so of course I chose her... I hope you guys love her, too(: Haha, Amii says that I am really clumbsy, so I made Lexi, too... I also added a outfit for her from Polyvore, so if you just copy the URL and...Yeahhh....Anywho guys, I hope the chapter is okay.  -Marcy :D!     I walked down the cobblestone back street, shivering in the cold. It was my fault I ended up here- In a unfamiliar alley way in the dead of night, meaninglessly wandering around. The clicks of my shoes echoed through the dark, and a shiver ran up my spine at the thought that I was not alone.    I slowly removed my shoes, trying to dull my footsteps, but the clapping of skin to stone made everything worse, not counting that fact that it was 26 degrees tonight and all I was wearing was my sun dress and a sweater.     I try to remember the roads I passes. Avenue. Congress. Main. Oh Lexi- here you are, once again, lost. I am starting to wonder how taking a short cut from me and my moms apartment to the villages super market turned into this.     As thoughts wander through my head on how to get to the closest big street, I heard a smack of a foot bump the stone, and it was not mine. I freeze and whoosh around, staying silent. Silence. I kept walking, this time I seemed to have a echo, and it was not from my feet. I knew that if I was to help myself, I would have to think of something, and quick.     In this case, it was to keep walking and focus on the footsteps behind me to see if they were real or my paranoia. Once again, I hear a slap of a foot- and this time it is only a couple feet away. I take a quick breath of air, and start to sprint. I was never a good runner, but somehow a force came over me, and I felt as though I was running faster than ever before.    I heard pounds of feet on the ground behind me, inching closer and closer. Why is this happening to me? I ask myself. I always thought Bradford was a big and dangerous city with all those people, but by the situation, it seems that Holmes Chapel, the small village, has won 1st place for danger.     I yet out a shriek as I crash into something, flipping over and land on the ground in a heavy pound. I continue to scream as I see a shadow of a man approach me. "Help! Please! Help me!" I cry. A sharp pain seers through my stomach and chest, and my breath becomes panicked.    "Wait! I'm here to help!" The shadow says. Wait- Shadows can't speak. Humans can, though. I feel a thud in the ground next to me, and I watch as a young boy leans me up to some kind of pole. "Are you alright there? I saw you running and then crash into my fence. You flipped over the posts and landed in my moms flower bed." He chuckles. I'm lucky it's night, or he would be able to see the bright tomato red my face has turned.    "Um... I think I'm okay" I say, even though that's a total lie. I must have scratched my stomach and chest because it stings when I adjust myself. "My name is Harry, by the way. You sure your okay? That was some flip!" He laughs. I nod, and then realize he probably can't see me in the dark, "Yeah. I'm Lexi" I say.    "Your not from here, eh? You seemed like you had no idea where you were going."     "I'm moved here from Bradford a couple months ago. Where am I, by the way?" I ask. "Umm.. My back yard. Sorry if I scared you. I was walking home and I saw you alone. You looked cold so I was going to try and offer you my sweater... But you started to run away!" He laughs. I could not see much in the dark, so I suddenly realized I did not have a great idea who I was talking to.    "Um... I should be heading home..." I stand up and clench my teeth as I am reminded of the scrape along my chest. "Right. Yeah. Bye" he awkwardly shifts his body and opens the yard fence for me. "Ha, if only I knew this was here earlier..." I attempt to make a joke, but Harry just chuckles.     -NEXT WEEK-   "Bye mom!" I run through the kitchen and grab a apple, planting a kiss on my moms check as I try to rush out the door- failing miserably and ending up on the ground. "Careful, honey, you'll break a bone if you keep falling like that." Mom extends a hand out and I grab it, having her pull me up.   "Sorry, mum, I'm just going to be late!" I explain as I stumble out the door. Sure I was not cut out for being a tight rope walker, but today was going to be that day of my first job here, and I did not want to start it lying on the floor.     In Bradford, summers meant being lazy; so much buildings and it just trapped the heat, but here in the quiet village of Holmes Chapel I enjoyed myself as a breeze blew my hair out of my face. I hurry down the drive way, hopping onto my bike and throwing my apple into my bag for later. I am a good bike rider, I guess, and I was fast enough to make my way to the small bakery with 1 minute to spare.     I parked the baby blue bike in the back alley and entered the shop through the front doors. I yanked down my dress and pushed my hair to a side as I made my way to the counter. "Erm.. Hello?" I lean over the counter trying to peek in back. The shop was quiet, the only sounds were a few clatters in the kitchen and a faint radio playing.      I straightened my posture as I made my way into the back kitchen curiously, "Hellooo?" I call. I let out a yelp as somebody crashes into me, sending both of us hurtling to the floor. "Oh god- I'm so sorry! I didn't see where I was going!" I apologize as I jump up and reach a hand out to a young man lying on the floor. He made a sound which I first thought was crying, but then he caught me off guard when he turned onto his back and started to laugh.      "It was my fault, love." He stands up and starts to pick up the dishes he dropped. I feel myself blush at his thick Cheshire accent. "Um... I'm the new trainee, Lexi" I stick out me hand for a shake, "Nice to meet you." He shakes my hand and grins, "Welcome, Lexi. My name is Harry... I think we met... You um, kinda fell into my back yard.." He chuckles. Oh god. He has the most amazing smile, and the dimples... Urrrg.      "Oh- Huh?" I zone back in. "Haha, I said I think you fell into my backyard..." He speaks, "Last week, right?"       "Oh- That was you? Um... Yeahhhh." I scratch the back of my neck. How could I have not put that together? "So Lexi, let me fully introduce myself. I'm Harry Styles. Also known as YOUR new manager" He does that grin again.     "Well then. I'm guessing your going to be bossing me around all day, then?" I smile. Harry nods with a wink, and I suddenly realize what a flirt he is being.     ~     The day was long, busy, and tiring, but I think I have made a knew friend. Harry shows me how to close up shop, and then he offers me a walk home. "I don't want you to get lost again" he teases, and I turn away to blush. "I rode here on my bike." I explain.      "Well, walk your bike. I want to. Pleeasssee?" He begs. How could I resists this curly haired, green eyed, sex god of a boy? I couldn't. That's the answer. I nod as I pull the bike out from the back alley and lean it on my hip as Harry and I walk down Main Street.      "My house is that way" I point off to a distance, and Harry squints his eyes. "I can see it! Oh god- is that your SISTER getting changed?!" His smile grows as I poke him on the cheek. "Actually, no. I don't have a sister" I giggle as his face grows red. "Well, my house is down there, too. I guess that means we can keep walking" he pulls me along and eventually we stand at my mailbox.     "I live right down the street- over there" he points to a house down the road. "Well then, I guess we are neighbors!" I punch his arm. "See you tomorrow!" I say as he starts to walk away. "If I show up" he laughs. "Harry! You better!" I yell/laugh.   

  "Sure thing, little lady" he winks, and then he walks away.



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