My Dear

Haylee, Sabrina, and Lexi were best friends since preschool, until a heavy fight in the 10th grade breaks their friendship up. Haylee then moves to Ireland with her aunt and cousin, trying to forget the girls. Lexi moves from the 3's big old Bradford, to Holmes Chapel where she thinks she can take a break. 4 years after the girls break up, each suddenly find themselves in a awkward situation where they may be forced to befriend each other once again- But what if they refuse?


1. Haylee

 Hi guys! Marcy has left me in charge of the first chapter! Mwahahahaha! 

-3 months after her move-

I search through the final box, looking for my last chance of hope. I knew that I should have unpacked my stuff 3 months ago when I had just moved in, but somehow here I am, still with a endless pile of boxes and bags of all the stuff from Bradford.       

I finally spot the thick leather book from underneath a interesting snowman sculpture I created back in the 2nd grade. I reached for the book when suddenly I hear a knock from the door. 

  I stand up and run to the kitchen window, from where I can see Niall calmly waiting at the door. I growl under my breath, didn't he know I had no intention of talking to him? That I didn't like him the way he liked me?      

 I open the door and Niall pushes his way in. "Good morning Haylee." He grins his crooked teeth smile, and I feel myself stiffen. It was that smile that really gave me in. "Helloooo Niall" I sigh in annoyance as he roams through the cabinets and fridge for food. "Where is Jonny and Mo?" He turns his attention back to me. "At the store, buying food that you will probably finish next week."    

 "Well, that's why I came" he sits on the counter. "I hopefully won't be here next week, actually." He simply states. "Oh yeah? And why is that?" I roll my eyes. "Because today I am auditioning for the XFactor" he grins. "Riiiight. Mhm- sure you are. And if you were, why didn't you tell me?" I ask, grabbing his arm and pulling him off the counter. "Because 2 weeks ago you could have said 'You have 2 weeks, go find your own ride!' But today I don't have 2 weeks, I have 2 hours. And I want you to be my ride." He explains. "Niall, I'm not going to ride you to your fake audition because the last time I drove you anywhere, you got us lost" I walk over to the fridge and get myself a yogurt.     

  "Yeah, but this time I know where I am going. And I would really appreciate it" his eyes get big and blue, but I reject his little bleached, shaggy head and escort him to the door. "Sorry Niall, but I can't" I say as he is leaded back outside. "Just watch the TV, okay?" He begs, I nod and he walks back across the street to his house. I watch him as he runs up his walkway and shuts the front door behind him.    

  I remember the first time I met Niall I thought of him like a God. I had just moved in with my aunt and cousin, and Ireland was a whole new territory for me to know. I had broken up my friendship with Sabrina and Lexi, and I was too angry to get know another person, let alone date one. Then Niall, the boy across the road, showed me around. We went on dates to the movies and he loved taking me to Nando's. Then I finally realized he was just like any other boyfriend- and so I fell out of interest in him.     

  I zone back to getting the book, so I run upstairs. I bend down and reach back into the box where my leather book lays. I shift it up from underneath all the other junk, and quickly pull it out as every other thing in the box collapses over.    

   I brush off a thin layer of dust on the book, and open it to the folded page I marked 6 years ago. I have not looked at this page in the book for over 5 years, but something about it is hauntingly familiar to me. My eyes lay on the only picture I have of my parents and me all together before they left. Yes, my parents left me. Only 3 people in this world knows that, and 1 is my aunt Mo, while the other 2 are the names of the girls that I have banished from my thoughts.    

 I told everybody I was moving to Ireland because I needed alone time after me and those 2 girls broke up, which was true, but I also left because my dads sister, Mo, was the only family member I had.     

  I look at the photo, studying every last inch of my mothers face before I abruptly shut the book, this time stuffing it underneath my bed. I once again ran down stairs, into aunt Mo's room. I was not supposed to be in here, as she told me that every day, but that photo on her computer was all too familiar. I run to her queen sized bed where the laptop sits. I look around the room, and then open it.     

  I click on the tab where her email sits, open for the world to peak at. Scrolling through her recent messages, my eyes land on the name Judy King. I click the email, opening up a long message. I scan the words, picking up useless ones, when suddenly I find the name I was looking for. Haylee. 'For the girl, Haylee, she is the same.' The sentence read. I started to read that paragraph to figure out what reason my name would be in this email, but I heard the sound of Mo and Jonny walking up the driveway, first.    

 'Attachment: File jpg.157528' was the last thing I read before I shut the laptop and ran out of the room. A photo. And I know that photo had to be of something important.   

 I know that because of what I saw Mo printing out. A photo of a older woman. She had dark brown hair and deep blue eyes with olive skin and a pug nose, just like me. I knew that woman was my mom, like I knew that my hands were my own- Not somebody else's.     

 When I asked Mo who it was, she lied and said it was her friend Judy. I don't know why my aunt would have to lie to me like that; I knew it was my mom. I knew that the lady in the photo was named Erin, not Judy. I knew that she was hiding it from me for a reason. I also know that when she was printing out the photo, the tab on her computer was open to her email. 

  I guess your saying that I am despite, that it could have just been a coincidence that her email was up when she was printing a picture of my mom, and that maybe I'm so convinced that my parents still care for me, that my mind tricked myself to think that 'Judy King' was my mom. But I know that checking my aunts email to see if there were any messages from the lady in the photo would help me, in some way, to know that my parents are still out there somewhere, and that if they are still on the same planet with me, they are still with me.    

 I sit awkwardly on the couch as the 2 walk in. "Uhh, hey Haylee.." Jonny looks questionably at me as I cross my legs. "Erm... Hi?" I try to act normal, but I give up and run up to my room. I lay down on my bed and play Temple Run until my eyes hurt, and then take a nap.     

 I open my eyes and hear my phone going off, so I grab it. 'Niall' my caller ID read. I sigh. "What is it, Niall?" I snap. "Turn on your TV!" He yells, and then hangs up. My eyes shift to the TV in the corner of my room, and switch it on. Low and behold, the XFactor theme song blares through the speakers and I watch as the judges get settled, Katy Perry among them. I suddenly realize maybe Niall was not joking when he said he was auditioning, but that wouldn't happen because he can't sing. I don't think. I know Niall's friends compare him to JB, but I always thought they were kidding. I had never heard Niall sing, ironically, so maybe today would be the first.    

 My jaw drops as a young 16-year-old Irish boy with bright blue eyes and bleached blonde hair makes his was to the stage. "Hello!" One judge greets after another. "Hi der!" The boy grins. "What's your name?" Katy asks. "Niall." I let out a gasp, but then realize nobody could hear me if I'm in my room.    

 Niall explains himself, and then song he would like to sing, and then the music starts. I let out a grunt as the all to familiar song starts to play. So Sick of Love Songs, by Ne-yo. Of course he had to pick the song I adore. I sigh once again as I start to realize that he has a great voice, and my breath hitches when Simon lifts up his right hand for the music to stop.     

 I turn of my Telly before the judges give Niall their verdict. What if he makes it through? I know what that means; that means he is leaving to London, where the European XFactor is held. I try to picture my life without him, and it's not too bad, but I feel like a little itty bitty tiny piece of me will miss him.    

 Niall comes home the day after, smiling and laughing and giggling like a little girl when I see him. "Well- Looks like I proved YOU wrong!" He pulls me into a hug. "Haylee, I want to ask you something." He smiles and releases me. "Umm...Yes Niall?" I say, brushing my hands on my jeans. "I know you think Im like any other guy, and that Im boring, and I know you dont think of me the way I think of you. But I want you to think of me that way. I want to to look me in the eyes some day and tell me you love me. And I know that may not ever happen, but its worth a question. Haylee, will you please be my girlfriend again?" He stares at me.

  "Well, your right. I might never ever think of you that way. But, since you said please, I will grant you one date." I smile. After all, what have I got to lose, when I know in the end I will never fall for him again.



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