Schuyler was an average girl...Well she had no friends, no social life,no parents.She goes to school and works at Nandos.Before Zayn Malik left and became part of One Direction he'd become very "popular".What happens when Zayn goes back to Bradford,to finish his studies? "Ew he's a player"Schuyler said about Zayn."Err she's...average".....


6. :\

Schuylers POV

"Are you okay!?"I say to Luke."Fuck her"He says rubbing the back of his head."No swearing"I say to him sternly."Bitch please"He laughed."Guess I cant stop that"I mutter to myself."Hey!"Paige said cheerfully."Hey"Zayn looked at me."Hello Zayn?"I say unsure."Hey Zayn"Luke said to him."Errr h-h-h-hey Luke"Zayn stuttered."Oww"Paige said to Zayn."Anyway,so "Lusk" whats up?"Paige said while Zayn grabbed her hand."What?"Luke and I said to eachother."Everyone says your dating,theirs rumors everywhere"Paige said smiling."Paige? Their called rumors, hint the sarcasm"I say to her about Lusk."I love it"Luke jokingly said."Yo bitch, get yo ass ova here"Kelly yelled at me. :3 Im scared."Yes?"I say."Man stealer"Zayn grunted.
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