Schuyler was an average girl...Well she had no friends, no social life,no parents.She goes to school and works at Nandos.Before Zayn Malik left and became part of One Direction he'd become very "popular".What happens when Zayn goes back to Bradford,to finish his studies? "Ew he's a player"Schuyler said about Zayn."Err she's...average".....


7. What now.

Schuylers POV


   "Yes Kelly?I say grabbing Luke's hand."Luke is mine"She says grabbing his hand.I wanted to fight back so bad!! But no,I decide to be the bigger person."Okay have him"I say walking away with Paige and Zayn.Wow that felt great.... "WHAT!?"You cant just walk away!!"Kelly screeched."Watch me"I look straight ahead and smile.I heard Kelly stomp away.Good she doesnt deserve Lukie.. OOPS I said Lukie.I heard footsteps run behind me and garb my hand."eek!"I yelp and pull my hand away."Its Luke!"Luke spoke softly."Oh hey Lukie..". Shit."Oh hey LUKE!"I emphasize the word 'Luke'.I smile then he smiles.I look at the ground and keep walking.Zayn and Paige walk away...Awkard..."I think I love you"Luke whispered in my ear."I've wanted to hear those words all my life!"I hug him."I love you to"I whisper in his ear."Sky?"Luke says."Will you......."

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