Schuyler was an average girl...Well she had no friends, no social life,no parents.She goes to school and works at Nandos.Before Zayn Malik left and became part of One Direction he'd become very "popular".What happens when Zayn goes back to Bradford,to finish his studies? "Ew he's a player"Schuyler said about Zayn."Err she's...average".....


8. Uh-oh

Lukes POV


  "Will you be my girlfriend?"I ask her.Im not afraid actually,Im quite confident.Im Australian shes American,just to let you know.She let go of our hug and said "Of course Lukie"And smiled.I ran away the school and started screaming "WOOP! WOOP! SHE SAID YES!"I just couldnt help myself sorry.


Sky's POV


 I watched Lukie run around the school,I giggled."Lukiiiieeee!"I yelled.He ran towards me and picked me up.I squealed and said 'No I'm too big!"."Sky"He said letting me down."yes?'I said."Get to class"He told me.I run into class and sit down... Wow Lukie is awesome. I loveee himm :]


 Sky's POV

 *At home sitting down in my bed on my phone,2 months later** "Wow Luke has gotten lots of views with his youtube page with his friends"Paige says stomping in.She scared me half to death."Well hello to you to Paige"I say taking my eyes off my phone."This sucks!'Paige says starting to break down in tears."Whats wrong baba!"I say rushing over to her."Luke"She says."Is" "Going" "To" "New York City"She says between sobs. "What!?"I say starting to tear up."Please tell me your joking!"I ask her."I'm not look at Luke's and Jai's last tweet! And look at their last youtube response.I did everything she said...... She was right.. their leaving...

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