Schuyler was an average girl...Well she had no friends, no social life,no parents.She goes to school and works at Nandos.Before Zayn Malik left and became part of One Direction he'd become very "popular".What happens when Zayn goes back to Bradford,to finish his studies? "Ew he's a player"Schuyler said about Zayn."Err she's...average".....


4. Luke and Schuyler<3 (Team #Lusk)

Paiges POV

I sat in class. Gosh history is boring. Schuylers a british bitch. I'm an Australian ass. Yes I'm Australian."Where's Luke today?"Brianna whispered to me."With Jai and Beau why?"I ask."Where are they"She said ignoring my question."In New York" I awkardly whisper to her."Jai's visiting Ariana" I say. "Paige and Brianna please repeat what I just said"The teacher said. "The war ended after 4 years"I happily say."What she said"Brianna said.I rolled my eyes.Why'd I even talk to her.Blah. RINGGG. Yay, class is over. I walk out the room and see Luke at his locker."Why you here"I ask him."Cuz I can" He said. "LUKE!"I gasped.He had two purple hoop rings on his bottom lip, it was swollen."Hi Australian ass"Sky said to me."Hey british bitch, loook what Luke did!"I showed her.Luke rolled his eyes."Fuck off Paige"He told me."Rawr"Sky said to him."Yeah and Paige its British Babe for Sky"He winked at Sky and walked off to class.Agh.DIGUSTING."Wow"Sky blushed.I punched her arm lightly."Zayns here"Sky told me."Where!"I freaked."Paige?"She said raising her eyebrows."Hes right there"She said pointing to him.I shook y head and walked over to Zayn.I can do this Right?

Schuylers POV

I have this period with Luke.Why'd I blush? Dont ask.ItsMath.I suck at math."Schuyler!?"Kelllly yelled."What/"I turn around.Oh did I mention that Luke and Kelly are dating? Kelly and Luke were holding handds."Be nice to her Lukkkeeey"She kissed his cheek.Nobody here knowws about the Janoskians.They only know that somehow Jai is dating ARIANA GRANDE.Kelly walked off and Luke sighed.""Why so down"I say to him as we walk up the stairs to math."To be honest,Kellys a bitch I hate her!"He said to me."Im sorry Lukkeeyy" I laughed cuz I said Lukkeeyy."Yeah whatever"He said."I actually love your lip ring"I telll him the truth."I love yor belly ring"He smirked.How in the heck did he know? "How'd you know?"I ask him shyly."Ehh'He said.Paige didntknow about it either. "Sky"He said stopping iin his tracks.We were already late for class."Yes".Luke looked at me.Wow Im just blown away.Btw, Kelly and Luke have been dating for 2 years. Lukes miserable."Help me get Kelly away from me and help me protect my sister from Zayn""Luke said.Then he grabbed my chin and kisseed me.He winced because my lips went crashing iinto his eyes.I ffelt so alive.Lie the Dark was all out of me, replaced with light.Not even Kelly could ruin this moment.I grasped Lukes neck and he grabbed my waist.I think Luke is my....
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