Schuyler was an average girl...Well she had no friends, no social life,no parents.She goes to school and works at Nandos.Before Zayn Malik left and became part of One Direction he'd become very "popular".What happens when Zayn goes back to Bradford,to finish his studies? "Ew he's a player"Schuyler said about Zayn."Err she's...average".....


9. Just stop

Sky's POV


 *1 month earlier*  "I love you so much"I told Luke.We were sitting in my room."I love you more"He playfully tackles me.'I look into his eyes and he's laying on top of me."Promsie you'll never leave me?"I ask him."Promise babycake"He smiles and kisses me."I sigh and push him off me."Whats wrong?"He ask me."I don't know.."I tell him truthfully."You cant tell me anything"He says pushing me down again,so I can look into his eyes.I close me eyes and wrap my arms around Luke's neck and fall asleep,with a single tear streaming down my face. I honestly know why I'm crying..I love Luke to much for him to leave me.


  Sky's POV


 *Present day with Paige and Schuyler in,Sky's room.*

    "He promised me!"I say angrily with tears streaming my face.I told her what happened a month earlier."Sky....Jai and Ariana Grabde are dating"She slightly smiles."I love Ariana'I fake smile."Yeah.."She says."Well I'm going out with Luke tonite so,if he doesnt tell me,,then I dont know  what'll happen."I tell Paige honestly.She nods her head.I wipe my tears away and clear all the memories Luke and I've had so far..


  Lukes POV


 "How do I tell Sky?' I ask Jai. "I don't know just tell her."He says."She's pretty understanding"Jai replys."Psshhh"I say."ahaha just tell her on your date tonite"Beau butts in."Beau you dick,if you actually had a girlfriend you'd now what I'm going through"I tell him."Seriously though..."I tell them."Just be honest with her,and everything will be fine"Jai says. "Right..Just be honest..Okay I can do this.'I say fake a smile.


 Skys's POV

"Okay Paige,this dress or this dress"I say pointing at the purple and black one or yellow and white one."Hmm..."She thinks."Yellow and white,it reminds me of summer"She says."Can you do my make-up"I ask her.Paige is the best make-up artist ever,i love her."Of course little Sky!Paige replied to me.I quickly put the dres on with my white flipflops.I sit down in my bathroom and while Paige does my make-up. "SKY!"My mom yelled. "Yes!"I yelled back."Luke will be here in 5 minutes!"She yelled. "Okay!'I yell back."I'm going with your father to Applebees!'She yells. 'okay!!"I scream. I hear the front door shut."Dione"Paige set the make-up down and smiled.I look into the mirror and look at Paige. "Thank you so much!"I hug her hard."Oh yeah!"I say.I run into my room and open my night stand and pull out two necklaces."Here'I say giving Paige her necklace. My necklace said  "Paige" and her necklace said 'Sky'."I love it!"Paige exclaimed.I out my neckalce on and she outs her's on.The front door opens and I hear footsteps walking upstairs."Here he comes'Paige whispered."Remeber,you know nothing about NYC"She whispers to me."Hi babycake"Luke says hugging me.'Hi Lukie'I say kissing him on the cheek."You look stunning"He says."Thanks babe,you do to"I smile.We walked downstairs into his car.I said bye to Paige.While Luke was drivig,I went on my phoneand tweeted "Going out with @luke_brooks tonite :] I'm so excited,I miss little Lukie xo".Luke's phone went off and he RT'd what I said."No tweeting while driving!'I scold him.*30 mins later* "Sky I have to tell you something"Luke tells me. I fidget with my dress knowing what'd he probably say."Here ya go ma'am"The waiter winks at me.I slightly smile."Fuck off shes mine"Luke tells the waiter.I laugh and the waiter walks away."Just stop"I tell Luke."I already what you're gonna say."I tell Lukie.From there on we never talked again.

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