Schuyler was an average girl...Well she had no friends, no social life,no parents.She goes to school and works at Nandos.Before Zayn Malik left and became part of One Direction he'd become very "popular".What happens when Zayn goes back to Bradford,to finish his studies? "Ew he's a player"Schuyler said about Zayn."Err she's...average".....


5. Is Team Lusk real?

Schuylers POV

I think Luke is my bestfriend or even more.. I never wanted to let go, neither did he but the bell rang, and we instantly let go."I will help you with Kelly" I say to him, going to my locker."Zayn and Paige, no"He said to me. I shake my head yes."Here comes Zayn and Paige holding hands"LLuke said."Zayn's scared of me, even though hes older"Luke laughed."OW!"I heard Luke yell, I turn around and see one thing storming away from Luke and I. Kelly.

~ Hey guuys! Just wanted to say that the next chapter Zaynie will be invoved more, I promise(: Thanks. Nicole PAYNE :D x
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