Her story

This story is about a young girl and her tragic life, watch her as she goes along her journey.
Alyssa is a twelve year old girl, she is a skinny brunet who is about 4ft,9". She has hazel eyes and is beautiful. And this is her story...


9. You don't understand anything!

"No!!!!" I screamed. It was the night terrors again. There I was in someones home screaming away. I couldn't help it though. I just kept screaming and crying in my sleep. There was no stopping it. The woman came running in. She shook me. "Alyssa, it's okay" She said. I snapped awake. I was crying. The woman hugged me. The woman's name was Caroline. She had a husband Robert. He was handsome. He worked on producing movies. I guess they just wanted to get away from everything for the winter so they were staying here where nobody would suspect them. I was crying in  Caroline's arms. I still wasn't that comfortable with her, but any comfort was fine right now. 

"You're okay now..." She said consolingly. When I stopped crying we went into the living room. Robert was watching tv. I hadn't watched tv for more than six months. I didn't feel like it though. I still barely was on a first name basis with Robert, and I defiantly didn't want to sit and watch tv with him. 

Caroline sat down on the couch turning off the show. She motioned for me to come over. I walked over and sat at the chair across from her. "Okay, so you have been here for two nights now, I deserve some answers." She said as if she was trying to bargain for something. I really hoped she didn't think I was going to tell her everything that easily. But she obviously wasn't going to give up. "Please just tell me something..." She said looking at me. "We'll try to understand." That was the wrong thing to say. "No!" I yelled, she looked shocked. "You will never understand, you wont ever get the reasons I did what I did!" I was infuriated. "I was alone, I liked being alone! I'm not going to tell you anything! You wont ever understand" I stormed off into the guest room I was now staying in. 

I didn't want to be bothered. Not by her. Not by anyone. I would have been much better off on the streets. Sure, she was trying to help, but I felt better alone. I felt independent. I didn't need any help. The things I had been through were making me stronger. And I liked the feeling of independence. Sure, it felt good now to steal anymore. Sure, It was good not to fear for my life. But it was those things that helped me learn value in my life. And I didn't really want to be helped. I didn't want to open up. If I didn't open up and let anyone in, nobody could come in to hurt me. Or leave me when I wanted them to stay. And that was how it was going to be.

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