Her story

This story is about a young girl and her tragic life, watch her as she goes along her journey.
Alyssa is a twelve year old girl, she is a skinny brunet who is about 4ft,9". She has hazel eyes and is beautiful. And this is her story...


8. The next morning...

I woke up that morning early. I never slept in anymore, I had gotten used to getting up before sunrise so that i could find a place to go where nobody could see me. Once I found a safe place, I went back to sleep. I would sleep all day and then be up all night getting food. I decided to search around the house. It felt so weird being in a house. The only time I had ever been in a house is when I was taking food.

These people had a nice apartment. It was small and homely. The kitchen area had everything that you would need. An oven, a dishwasher, a sink, everything. I went searching for food. I didn't get to go get food last night so I was really hungry. I went over to the fridge and started to look through. I was startled when I heard a voice say. "Hungry?" I looked over it was that woman from last night. "You're up very early..." She said. I closed the fridge door and trudged over to the couch.

I didn't want to talk to anyone, let alone this woman. She came over and sat down next me me. Too close for my liking so I scooted over and sat looking away from the woman. "You have to talk at one point," She said putting a hand on my shoulder. It was annoying me, but she had given me a place to stay so I didn't want to be too rude. "Will you please talk to me, I want to help." She said, it sounded like she was about to cry. I turned around. " I don't need help," I whispered. She sighed a sigh of relief that I was actually talking. "Why are you alone?" She asked barely looking into my eyes. I just shrugged. "How long have you been alone." I shrugged again. "Do you really know the answers to these questions and you just don't want to talk." I looked at her then put my head down. I was starring at my knees. "Oh, I see." She said. "Please just answer me one of those questions." She said. I didn't really want to talk, but it seemed like I didn't really have a choice. "Six months," I whispered. "What?" She looked at me. "I've been alone for about six months." I said. "Why are you alone?" She asked again. I took a deep breath.  "I ran away."

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