Her story

This story is about a young girl and her tragic life, watch her as she goes along her journey.
Alyssa is a twelve year old girl, she is a skinny brunet who is about 4ft,9". She has hazel eyes and is beautiful. And this is her story...


1. The beginning


I'm happy now, I have friends, a family, and a wonderful husband. But it wasn't always like that. I was alone, for a while. I started stealing from others. I never stole anything valuable. I took what i needed, and only what I needed. Nothing more. I wish I hadn't, but how else what i supposed to survive. Why was I alone? Well, when I was nine my mother died, my father was ruined. He didn't talk to me about it, he barely even looked at me. I figured he didn't want me anymore.  I still remember. It was February, I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was stowing lightly outside. The moon out. Full, beautiful you looked up and saw the stars. They were beautiful too. I looked out my window, 'I was going' I decided. I put on my favorite sweat shirt and jacket. I pulled on my old converse, and I was ready... I looked at my father. And to think that just three years ago, the same man that had been avoiding me had been loving and silly. If he wasn't like that, I wouldn't be leaving, and that was final. "I love you dad," I whispered, "I wish I could have you back." I ran out of the house, tears in my eyes. I started walking, I didn't know where, but at the time, anything seemed better than here. 
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