Her story

This story is about a young girl and her tragic life, watch her as she goes along her journey.
Alyssa is a twelve year old girl, she is a skinny brunet who is about 4ft,9". She has hazel eyes and is beautiful. And this is her story...


2. "Hello?"

I was in the middle of town, I looked down an alley, dirty with litter, broken glass, and empty liquor bottles.  Empty, It was safe or so I thought.

I slowly walked down the alley, I heard a crackle. "Hello?" I looked back. Nothing. 'It must just be an alley cat or something' I thought. I turned back around. "Hello" said a strange manly voice. "What do we got here" he said, taking a step closer, looking up and down at me. "what do you want?" I said trying to hide my fear. "You've got such pretty hair." He said grabbing a handfull of my hair. "Don't touch me!" I yelled smacking his hand away. He slapped me. The impact made me fall onto my knees holding the side of my face with my hand. "Learn some respect!" He yelled. He pulled me up off the ground by my hair. "You are a waste of my time!" He screamed. He pushed me with rage, I flew into a dumpster and hit my head.

That was the last thing I remembered until the next day... 

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