Valentines Day With The Boys

Sydney has been married to Harry Styles from the biggest boyband in the world for 3 years. He has been on tour since June of 2012, and it is now Febuary 6th 2013. Harry is planing something really speacial for Sydney but she does not Know it yet. Read to find out what Harry does for Valentines day if he makes it there in time.


4. The Boys

Syds P.O.V.

Ok I'm finally done with the house and the boys will be her in 45 minutes. I did good but maybe I should lay out some sandwiches and chips on the counter because knowing Niall he is probly gonna be hungry. So I went in the kitchen and made 10 sandwiches and set out bags of chips. I had half an hour left so I turned on the T.V. and fell asleep on the couch.

Harrys P.O.V.

We finally pull up in the driveway to me and Sydneys house. I go inside to look for Sydney but I found her sleeping on the couch. The boys came up behind me but I told them to be quiet and follow me. So the boys and I slowly walked over to the couch and I slowly bent down and layed by her.

Syds P.O.V.

I felt someone sit by me and kiss me. It must be Harry then I heard his deep brittish voice "Wake up love." and since I didnt wake up right away him and the boys started tickling me. "STOPPPPPP!!!!!!!" I yelled inbetween laughs. the boys stoped and laughed at me. "Dang, I thought you were never going to get up haha." Harry said laughing. "Wheres the food, I'm starving!" asked Niall "Haha in the kitchen on the counter haha." I replied " I've missed you so much!!!!!! How was the tour?" I asked "It was great but it would have been better with you and Darcy there with me." Harry replied "By the way where is Darcy?" asked Liam "She is at my moms, we will see her tomorrow." Harry replied *(Ding-Dong)* "I will get it." I yelled walking to the door. *Opens door.* "MAGAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled "SYDNEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled

Magaylas P.O.V.

Zayn told me him and the boys will be at Syd and Harrys. I desided to go see him. *15 minutes later* *Ding-Dong* "I got it!!!!!!" Yelled Sydney. Next thing I knew I was standing face-to-face with my best friend Sydney. "MAGAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled so to be like my self I had to be loud too. "SYDNEYYYYYY!!!!!!" I yelled back I walked inside and was imbraced in a big bear hug by Zayn. "Heyy baby I've missed you so much!" said Zayn and since I was 7 months he bent down and kissed my belly. I have not seen zayn since he came down by himself for my birthday 6 months ago, and w have been married for a year and a half. It was nice to see him again. "Guys I found out what the baby was." I said "Is it a a baby dinosaur? Like rex from from toy story.? asked Liam "Ummmmm...... noooooo." I said laughing Its a boy and me and Zayn have desided to name him Bailey Edward Malik." I said "Awwwautiful baby awwwe, I'm sure it is going to be a be a beautiful baby boy." Said Sydney. This was why I loved her, she was always so kind to everyone she met even the haters.


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