Valentines Day With The Boys

Sydney has been married to Harry Styles from the biggest boyband in the world for 3 years. He has been on tour since June of 2012, and it is now Febuary 6th 2013. Harry is planing something really speacial for Sydney but she does not Know it yet. Read to find out what Harry does for Valentines day if he makes it there in time.


2. Talking to Darcy

Syds P.O.V.

I walk up to Darcys room  to get her for dinner. I walk in to her room and I find her playing with her new One Direction barbie dolls she got for christmas from Harry and the boys in the mail. Harry was naked and laying on the floor with the rest of the boys were at the table eating. " Darcy why is daddy naked?" I ask "Cuz he likes to be naked and its like his song." She replied I looked at her and laughed and helped her put his clothes back on. "Ok, well its time for dinner I made you your favorite pasta with bits of chicken and meat in it." I told her "Yay!!!!" she yelled and darted to the kitchen and I followed behind her. she sits at the table and I put her food in front of her and sat at my plate. "Mommy?" she  says "Yes beautiful?"I replied "When is daddy coming home?"  Awwwe she really misses him but I cant tell her about the surprize. I thought to myself. "Ummmmmm....... I really dont know honey, but guess what." I replied "What mommy?" she asked "Your birthdays coming soon." I replied "Yay!!!!!!!!" she yelled and stuffs more food in her mouth. When we were done eating dinner I took Darcy up stairs to her room and into her bright pink and blue bathroom and started her shower. "Ok now make sure you wash your body and hair really good." I said "Ok." she replied and got into the shower. Now I had some time to go call Harry and talk to him about him coming home.

(Calling Harry)*

Harry: Hello?

Me:  Hey babe

Harry: Hey baby what are you doing? (HEY SYD!!! yelled the boys)

Me: Haha hey boys ok so harry when are you boys coming home?

Harry: We are going to be home tomorrow>

Me: Good because me and Darcy really miss you

Harry: You didnt tell her did you?

Me: No but she asked when you were coming and I told her I didnt know.

Harry: Ok good

Me: Yep well she is getting out of the shower now so talk to you later

Harry: ok by baby love you

Me: See you tomorrow love you to by.

(End of Call)*

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